My Trip to Manhattan

Discussion in 'Politics' started by aphexcoil, Jan 19, 2003.

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  2. It's Sunday, shouldn't you be playing with Photoshop? These pictures should give you more fodder to play with.
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  3. Just two random chicks talking -- don't know them.

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  4. This view is from Central Park.

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  5. I'll post more later if people are interested in seeing other parts of Manhattan like SOHO, Chinatown, Little Italy, Financial District, etc.

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  6. rs7


    yes, great quality....what did you use? I am in the market for a digital camera.

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  7. Rs7,

    This was my friends Olympus D550 camera that is also compatible with Macintosh as well as IBM computers. Actually, the pictures I posted were scaled down by at least 50% -- this camera has 3.0 megapixels.

    My camera is a Sony DSC-P71 camera and can take 320x240 movies as well as super-sharp 3.2 megapixel pictures.

    I think both cameras are great. I got mine (the Sony) at Bestbuy for $349.99. You will want to get a larger memory stick, since it only comes with a 16 meg stick. The 64 or 128 should be sufficient.

    I can store around 84 super high quality pictures on a 128 stick which is more than sufficient. I can also store about 5 minutes worth of movie on that stick.
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  8. rs7


    Thanks Aphie, I will check them out. I have been kind of stuck in the middle of where to spend the money.....on megapixels or optical zoom. Seems there is one or the other for the money. I don't want to spend a ton, and more importantly, I don't want to get a big heavy camera. I know the only way to get it all at this point is to go with an SLR with interchangeable lenses. But I am NOT looking to be a pro, and I don't want to spend 5k (or whatever they cost) on a Nikon. (Besides, I am pretty sure if I want to lug around a heavy camera, I can always use my old Olympus OM2 (or my slightly smaller OM 10) and get better quality.

    Seems like Fuji has the best as far as optical zoom for the money, but they have a cheap "feel" to them. But they are SLR, which I would think has an advantage over a rangefinder configuration.

    Buying a digital camera now is almost like buying a PC or a HDTV. I am afraid whatever I get, if I pull the trigger, I will regret in a month because of obsolescence. But I have been on the fence for a year.

    And like an HDTV, no real "need"...just seems like a cool toy to have. Maybe I should just forget the camera and just buy Photoshop and have digital fun like Optional777, and save a bundle. (of course I would need a tv card and have to get my damn scanner to work).

    Peace Aphie,
    And great pics....I miss NY. Haven't been there since mid Oct. of '01 when ground zero was still burning and the smell is still with me:(

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  9. Babak


    yes, upon a post being erased the number of total posts is adjusted.
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  10. Only a deranged, lonely, anti-social, sexually-frustrated, psychotic man who plays with photoshop all day would really worry about questions like that.

    Who gives a shit how many posts I have? Baron could reset it to -2000 and it wouldn't ruin my day. Do you really just sit there all day between photoshop recess time and worry about how many posts I have?

    Get a life!

    (this is addressed to Optional, not Babak)
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