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  1. Hi ... been browsing through this site for a month or two.. I am a professional day trader .. started in 98 traded through 2001 .. all 100%+ years took 2002-2003 off to pursue other ventures (bad idea) .. went back to trading in 04' where again I did about 100% ...
    my style is a hit and run tactic .. mostly contra- trend ... my exposure to the market is rarely over an hour... I have an 80% win rate... I usually look for 1-3k per day profit ...however, I don't fight the market and usually willing fully take what Mr. market gives and not a penny more ...I am a seasoned trader, but constantly learning and adapting.. however patterns do repeat and this is how you become a successful trader

    If there is interest, I will post my trades after the day is done... for anyone that is interested... i will tell you how i set up my charts and what i look for...

    I look forward to your responses.
  2. I am interested to see your trades as well as how you set up your charts.
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    Sounds good to me. I'm always interested in seeing how successful traders work their trades.

    Show the setups, entries and exits and reasoning behind the trades, and it should be a very interesting thread. :cool:


  4. Are you going to start your trade journal in the Journal section ?

    What do you trade ?

    Are you going to post daily chart setups prior to the open of each trading day or only as part of your EOD summary ?

  5. i will post my trades to this forum either at the end of the trading day or soon after the trade is closed out ...

    i trade equities and equity options only...

    i use one intraday chart setup ... a 3 min candlestick .. two moving averages .. a 3 per. and a 24 per.

    i use upper and lower bands 3 per. to the close with a percentage offset of 1%. and of course volume ...

    i do look at MACD and RSI for confirmation but my main trading model looks at how far price is stretched from the 24 per. MA and how far price is extended through my upper or lower bands ..

    again ..i trade against the trend ....
  6. I strongly suggest you start a thread or have the moderator move this one to the Journals forum so that people who subscribe to that forum can be in on this.

    Looking forward to your postings.
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    I give you thumb up, as not many "traders" can do this sort of publication.

    I was very attempted to post my entries b4 or no later than 5 mins after it filled and post the exits b4 or the real exits no later than 5 mins after it(them) filled. People can see the post time stamps and compare them with the real-time charts

    I am trading DAX future, Bund and a bit YM. totally deferent from your style. I would like to see your trade.............And I may post my after your publication, likely to be in the summer the worst season for day trading.

    Have my respects
  8. ok ..the thread has been moved to 'journals'

    thanks for all your responses ...
  9. Looking forward to seeing your success. Please try to make it a point to ignore those comments which do not contribute to your thread or that seek to bait you into childish bickering.

    Best of luck....
  10. the following are my trades for Thursday 1/13 and Friday 1/14..

    01/13/2005 09:32:53 QUR ME TASR Jan '05 @ 25.00 PUT BTO 15.000 3.80000 -5,700.00

    01/13/2005 09:42:06 QUR ME TASR Jan '05 @ 25.00 PUT STC -15.000 5.10000 7,650.00


    01/14/2005 09:33:31 CREE CREE INC B 200.000 26.40000 -5,280.00

    01/14/2005 09:33:31 CREE CREE INC B 800.000 26.39000 -21,112.00

    01/14/2005 09:43:48 CREE CREE INC S -1,000.000 27.00000 27,000.00

    you are welcome to analyze and post q's ..
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