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my system

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  1. hi to all

    i am forex trader from 2004.
    i am share my auto system here

    you can see the results .
    i am from argentine , i am dont talk good in english , just see the trades

    this system is 100% automatic, is based in 5 systems with only 1 indicator

    this system make 30% minimum month to month in 3 months

  2. each system open many trades at 16-18 GMT time

    close trades when each system is on profit at
    01-03gmt time or 09-11 gmt time or 16-18 gmt time

    or when the trade loss more than 1%

    example of trades last day system1
    3196562010.01.22 18:46sell1.00nzdjpy64.320.000.00201 0.01.22 21:4164. 311.25
    3196552010.01.22 18:46sell1.00gbpjpy145.340.000.0020 10.01.22 21:41145. 319
    6542010.01.22 18:46sell1.00gbpchf1.67750.00000.00 002010.01.22 21:411.68080.000.000.00 -316.91
  3. F112358


    I don't can't cross the street.
  4. ROR (Raugh Out Roud)
  5. 5 systems open trades tomorrow
    at 16-19 GMT time

  6. Oh grow up you two! That's it, a spanking for the next wise-cracker. (just kidding)

    Seriously though, could you please post the trades in a way we can actually understand like:

    long EUR/JPY at 130.87

    or something similar?
  7. Gcapman


    using you trade system, am i make rots of monee?
  8. thanks to all post guys

    i think you have to open demo account and see the results

    if want make 1 system need 20k account balance to 1 lot size by each position

    if want make 5 system need 20k X 5 =100k demo account balance by 1 lot size

    10k lot size need 2k or 10k to 5 systems
    1k lot size need 200 dollars or 1k to 5 systems

    thanks to all

    the systems really works you see . if have patience and trust
  9. all signals buy 1 lot except sys3 2 lots
    no signal
    buy nzdcad
    buy gbpusd
    buy gbpnzd
    buy usdcad
    sell audjpy

    buy2(2lots) nzdcad

    buy usdcad
    buy gbpaud
    sell gbpusd

    sys 5
    buy usdcad
    buy nzdusd
    buy gbpaud
    buy gbpcad
    buy gbpnzd
    sell audjpy
    sell cadjpy
    sell nzdjpy
    buy gbpusd
    buy gbpjpy
    buy nzdcad
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