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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Vinny Gigante, Jan 17, 2003.

  1. When war comes in 3 weeks, it will be brief, there will be a news shock, so be prepared. the news shock will be some type of weapons used against US troops and/or Israel. But that will make the war end quickly.

    The news shock will send the market tumbling, but it will quickly recover when we respond with a BANG.

    NOW, I want my $10,000. Moron lube job is a WELCHER!

    someone asked if I get my own news feed. No, I just turned on good ole CBS, NBC, and ABC and heard about the warhead discovery.

    Now bring out the ostrich with his head in the fround to signify the memebers of this board.
  2. If the war hasn't started, and you turned down the bet, how does he owe you the money ???
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    every village needs an idiot. Vinny, consider yourself hired! :D
  4. which part of that don't you understand. Show me where I didn't accept this bet, please.

  5. One of numerous references:

    01-15-03 04:36 PM
    Do I have to act as peacemaker?
    1st, moron lube job, dont take my name thing personally. It was a lovely story you told about the background of your "handle". I am an ignorant person, and I didnt know that, but thanks for enlightening me.

    2nd, the gentleman is right, the odds heavily favor a war, 3 to 1 sounds right, and it will happen within a month. Rather than taking the phantom $10,000 from you, I will accept your contrition once it happens.

    It will happen like this. As another intelligent person on this board said, its personnal, and thats true. Bush jr aint backing down. We will sweep into baghdad, and eliminate hussein. Its payback time. It wont take long. But it will be a war. War as defined by us going in there and annihilating a leader.

    As I understand trading well, I also understand odds. I cant take advantage of you. the odds are heavily in my favor. That's why I assumed you would not pay. And besides, we'd never agree on a escrow person. It wont be neiderhoffer either, and his pledge pin.

    "Rather than taking the phantom $10,000 from you, I will accept your contrition once it happens."

    Should I find some more ...
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    Perhaps you should have been an PI!

  7. I initially missed this whole thing. Yesterday I didn't know what they were talking about; other than I know ML, and he has big enough balls to stand a $50 K bet, and the checkbook to back it up. So I read the entire thread and he is smoking some good shit ...
  8. Vinny,

    Just shut your trap and trade.