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    Hi ppl,

    I want to show you one of my trading systems. It is in
    This one has given almost 14,000 pips in 3 years of hourly candles. Is has a daily system which gives less and only handles 10/1 leverages (or else the margin call risk is too high) and another hourly one which still gives profit in 100/1 leverage with a 80% margin call. Only the main page is in english, the other one is not translated but there is no need for translation to see charts. You have there some charts with system in an earlier version, nowadays it gives more profit but the one at the table is recent. It would reach at 50/1 levarage profit (yes I know that would be impossible in practice).
    The system was tested to be found the best parameters from Jan 2002 to Jun 2003, and since Jun 2003 it has beein evaluated under new quotes without any kind of optimization in real time and it works on any cross or even stocks (it's not over fitted).
    You can see it here with different leverages:
    And you can see it here with spreads (this time the daily system) that reach 30/1:
    (These pictures were not on the other website because they are recent).
    I've been making trading systems for 2/3 years, and usually I put them for some time to test with a small group of friends, but this time in May I've created a website with it for exposing signals, and in 18-06-2005 I've put it in a 100% automated updating system, so it is working in a 100% fully mechanical way nowadays.
    I'll keep it there for 1 or 2 more months and then I'll take it offline, it's just there to check visitors feedback. When I make a new system I'll put there also later.

    PS: Don't trade on my system, it's there just for experimental ways, and more than 10/1 leverage in a system is bad so, don't trade on it and if you trade, never trade on more than 10/1. I'm not responsible for it, it's just there for experimental purposes.

    And I would appreciate any feedback.

    Best regards,