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  1. So I will use a VPS for running the trading software and a tablet/smartphone to access the VPS.

    Now , since the VPS screen is streamed live to my tablet using a RDP client, I guess the traffic consumption will be quite high .

    How many frames/second are streamed typically ?

    Can I lower this rate ?

    What software should I use ?
  2. Let's see if european traders known more than USA ones...:cool:
  3. Seriously? What the heck are you doing? ;)

    I mean, I sit in front of 3 screens of 20" each, trading or not (also for programming etc.). I really LIKE tablets (can hardly await the windows 8 tablet generation to come - finally decent hardware), and I will get one the moment I can... but they are NOT for something where you want an overview of any kind. I am not one of the poeple that can work on a laptop for the same reason.
  4. \

    typical ET , BS answer ..:cool:
  5. Your answer? Yes. You are right - bullshit.

    See, the problem is that tablets are good for simple things - the whole model breaks down when you need to multitask. One small screen with a not too good possibly resolution (note: even the high resolution displays do not allow you to use them fully for SMALL text - it gets too small). That limits the amount of info to be seen.

    Using a tablet for order entry - possibly.

    Trade following, especially when automated trading? Sure.

    But how do you trade + check emails WITHOUT loosing the full view of the charts? Multiple tablets the same time? Checking something via browser - without turning off the main trade information?
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    logmein is great as a remoting tool for things like this. There are also plenty RDP clients for both iPads and Android. I've found no particular difference between using iOS or Android in terms of latency etc.

    One point: it's slow even over LTE. Just be prepared to be super-patient when s*** has happened and you need to navigate your entire platform with a finger. I have set up buttons allowing me "single-click" action for the majority of my important things, such as "exit only", "close all positions", etc.

    You'll get a few frames per second tops on a typical ~1000x700 screen over a mobile connection.
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    Microsoft RDP works well and only sends updates for parts of the screen that change. The RDP bandwidth will only a be trickle compared to what is available on a VPS. I am now running off a VPS vs. my home computer and really like the stability.

  8. Do you have any idea about the bandwidth consumption?

    What VPS provider you use ?
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  10. Well I think lots of people use VPS #- RDP is pretty good, at any time at the moment we (here in my office) have 2-3 VPS that show live charts on about 3 screens each (1600x1200). There is no delay even during high market activity - we run that on a 18mbit downlink on ONE PPTP VPN.

    In he background some other stuff happens that may also require RDP (but obviously no charts full of stuff updating all the time like on trading, but for example system control for the 40 or so virtual machines on 5 servers is open most of the time showing load factors every couple of minutes.

    RDP is quite efficient - sadly NinjaTrader does not use WPF otherwise it would be even more efficient ;)
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