My trading partner. he notices patterns well.

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  1. He is an excellent TA, I do not follow TA but he is very serious when it comes to his work and will immediately signal when an interesting bullish or bearish pattern emerges.

    He was hired last december, he sort of stumbled into our lives, he was unemployed and he has done an excellent job when it comes to providing assistance when trading SPY.

    Anyhow here is a picture of him in front of one of our screens.
  2. lsd47


    Extremely intelligent looking gentleman.
  3. The look on his face tells he takes trading very seriously. I had a partner myself for many years. She sniffed out many trades over the years. Had to put her down last summer and trading has been difficult ever since. Hope your partner brings you much money and love.

    My old trading buddy:

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  4. Angel is a nice looking dog, looks like a grampa :) lol yeah it must be heartbreaking to lose a good friend like that. All about the experience and times you enjoyed together.