my trading is s**t lately!!!

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  1. i swing trade. ive doubled my prtfolio in about 10 trades over about 2 months. but recently i keep getting dinged here and there and its really got my head messed up.

    nothing pisses me off than when i stalk a trade and when i hit the button, im instantly down 3% on my entry!!@#!

    #2 i enter a high beta position long/short and it does the opposite of beta, it bucks the trend!!!

    #3 im breaking my rules and daytrading when i should be swinging,

    i think i need to take a break away from trading
    as the market makes no sense to me.

    watching FSLR over the past month and it trades like a dog.
    today its everybodys best friend and up 15% WTF???

    nothing is better when your winning
    loosing 5 trades in a row is a fkn beeeeyotch. makes me want to drink
  2. It's the nature of trend following. When the markets are not in the mood to trend, your signals would make the perfect range entries, if you switched the direction!

  3. can someone explain why we went up today? there was no positive news so Spain came up with a magical plan to not raise taxes, increase social benefits, and cut spending. yeah that sounds real haha. your trading in thunder dome right now. if you can't get an idea of the overall market its hard to trade individual stocks.
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    uh oh..looks like not only day trading it's a swing time..
    welcome to my world brother Maskone909..
    just hold on and wait until one(or more) of those "adapt or die" posts to come up..
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    does it matter? one can find 10K reasons..5 down days in the row. check stats on this one. tomorrow will be up too,unless there is some really f**d up events come up..have to admit-volume is really s**y for a solid reversal..
  6. I doubt I could ever explain it, but maybe it went up to take a breath before it heads under water for awhile.

    The bulls seem a little nervous, and the bears who are stalking the tree lines smell blood.

    I say to the bulls, be careful. And to the bears- fuck off.
  7. I've never seen a market crash without making a lower high first.

    Momo stocks can get smacked with no warning after a smooth run, and so can parabolic PM's, but the indices have a lot more playerz involved.

    Dow theory is still in effect.

  8. The warnings are usually always there. Even if over-extension, or a smooth run was your only warning- you were warned! IMO

    OP- I like to see the market come down, I just hate to see good traders get shredded. Stay in the game- but stay disciplined. If you have a good stock, buy more when it goes down. Don't walk away because it takes a dip, when it's just more opportunity to capitalize on. If your swing trading, don't watch the market every minute of the day, because you'll be too tempted to walk away from a good investment or jump on the next band-wagon that's headed for a blind cliff. Bottom line is get serious about your business and stick to a plan(as long as your plan allows you to be able to change direction if needed). Sound investors are good for the market, and hot headed alcoholic gamblers get burned, and are overall bad for the market and the economy. And good luck!
  9. that's kind of my point who decides whats a fucked up event anymore. there is not a reason in the world to buy stocks except they seem to go up haha i could not buy and hold because i think you will wake up one day and the markets will be down 20%. they are talking now about china stimulus that's as a positive. its more of a bad thing though because countries don't do that because everything is good.

  10. I haven't had a problem, in fact, my profits have never been better. Granted I'm in and out within 20 minutes.

    Adapt or die.
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