My Trading for 2013

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  1. fusionz


    I have traded PT & FT since 2004 and last year was my first losing year ever, mostly due to having full-time job and not being able to track the market actively. I will adjust my strategies so that I can be profitable once again, focusing on more gap and swing trade. I do not have a specific goal for this year, but just to be profitable on a monthly basis for now.

    First Trade:

    1/3/2012 Bought 1K SPWR at 9.075
  2. ofthomas


    so are you back to PT trading with a FT job?
  3. Good luck in 2013..I am starting slow and with reduced size myself after a rough 2012..
  4. fusionz


  5. fusionz


    1/4/2012 - Bought EXM at .606

    Still monitoring SPWR
  6. vinc


    so what's cooking guys? come to the same conclusion?
    leave this journal to B1S2, the best you can do..