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  1. I've got my 10 in AAPL and brought the avg down closer to $5.90. With nothing else expected for me, I took a look at the trades so far and I'm just above 50% on winners with 20 winners and 19 losers. My avg winner is about +2600 vs. -1029 for losing trades not counting the opened positions. SQ has rebounded nicely today and with my position size I've been looking at a +6000 unrealized on that position today. The AAPL position is at a slight loss as of right now.
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  2. Added BZUN Jun 50 calls this morning after a strong report on bzun last night. Looking for that breakout. Using about $5000 on this position.

    Should mention, I also took the time to add to AAPL Jun 185 calls this morning, totaling $11000 in risk now for this position.
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    PayPal to Buy iZettle for $2.2 Billion to Compete With Square

    PayPal Holdings Inc. is buying Swedish small-business platform iZettle for $2.2 billion to expand in Europe and Latin America and increase its presence in brick and mortar stores.

    “Small businesses increasingly want a full suite of capabilities across channels, a one-stop stop,” Dan Schulman, chief executive officer of PayPal, said in an interview. “IZettle was the perfect fit in many ways.”

    The deal is the biggest ever for San Jose, California-based PayPal and will help it compete with Square Inc., which made a name for itself by helping small businesses and food-truck vendors conduct credit card and mobile transactions. Founded in 2010 by Jacob de Geer and Magnus Nilsson, iZettle also started out with a mobile-phone gadget for accepting credit card payments. It has since expanded into software and financing services to support small businesses.

    Earlier this month, iZettle announced plans for an initial public offering and de Geer specifically said the company had no interest in a so-called dual-track process that would consider a sale as an alternative to the listing.

    In an interview on Thursday, de Geer said that he changed his mind after meeting with the executive team at PayPal. He was convinced that his company could continue to grow substantially under the new owner and that their cultures would be aligned. He will continue to lead iZettle.

    PayPal said it hopes to be able to reap the advantages of the merger almost immediately in certain areas, and that the financial benefits will kick in shortly after the deal closes, expected in the third quarter. According to a statement by the two companies, iZettle expects to generate gross revenue of about $165 million in 2018, with roughly $6 billion of total payment volume expected to be processed on its platform.

    “When we think about the combinations and capabilities of PayPal and iZettle,” Schulman added, they “set us apart from anyone else.”
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  4. I was wondering why SQ took a dive midday. Saw that volume drop around 2pm. This does kind of hold off SQ from breaking above $58. I'll have to watch this one carefully. I had $8K unrealized gains on it, and just about wiped it out on that move down. If it comes back, it's going to take a good 4-5 days for it to bounce back to this morning's levels.
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  5. So, I did something I usually don't do, but because of my position size I had to jump on it. I shorted 1200 shares of SQ this morning at an avg of about 54.50 against my 35 calls of SQ. The news of Paypal getting larger and more international came unexpected and is causing weak hands on SQ to jump out this morning. This short shouldn't last longer than today. I'm going to monitor the move on SQ heading into the open and see how I can hedge against the expected short term swing.
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  6. I watched that morning move in SQ, and jumped right out of the 1200 shorts. I'll take the gains there right now. I also added another 10 calls on SQ jun 55 calls under 2. This just looks like SQ is getting rid of weak players and bouncing back. I could be wrong though.
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  7. OI, you were right, the IWM broke out from its trade range on the chart I posted here May 11.
    What's really interesting is the charts I posted on page 31 of your thread on May 11, 2018,
    update themselves automatically everyday and now those 8 day old charts are totally current!
    How is that possible?
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  8. That's interesting, it looks like ET must have a code allowing updates from stockcharts. And like I said, the markets were going to breakout in one direction or the other. It looks like up is the trend, but we'll give it a few more days, because it could still just be a bull trap. I guess I didn't mention my closed trades for the week. Just closed out 2 trades, part of BZUN for +700 and the SQ day trading short on Friday morning locking in +1622. I did add to my SQ option position with 10 more 55 calls, so it's heavy now. I'm hoping weak buyers are all out from Friday's shake out, and we get a slow and steady climb to above $60.

    My AAPL calls are at -2100 unrealized, so that's holding me down, but I still have enough BZUN to keep the unrealized higher with BZUN trying to break above $55. I'm looking for $60 on the rest of this position and then exiting.
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  9. I've added MU Jun 55 calls today along with some of the 50 calls too. This position looks like SQ, but on a smaller scale. With SQ bouncing back today, the unrealized gains on that position now sits at +7400 with the account at $85K. My goal in getting bigger right now is to try and reach that $100K mark within the next 2-3 weeks, and then close out for the Summer. Just trying to sell in May and go away, but it looks like I might slip into June before it's all sold.
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  10. Closed the day with my SQ position near it's pre-Ebay buying it's Europe competitor news, and I did add another 10 to that SQ Jun 55 call bringing it up to 40 calls total. I added a new position today on MU because I wanted to push the account to the $100K mark. I added around 1pm and then added more when shares dipped below $55 around 2:30pm. I have come to learn that I will never enter any new positions at the lows, so I set up in a way that I can start a position and then have a chance to average down.

    Ended with 20 MU Jun 55 calls, and 15 MU Jun 50 calls heading into the close. I haven't read the news yet, but did see MU move higher in the AH up above $57.50. If this holds tomorrow, then I've lucked in again and jumped into a beautiful position. This one caught my eyes when it was pumped on cnbc's fast money at noon. Took a look at the chart and just loved it.
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