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    :thumbsup: I was watching/tracking BZUN since you posted it two days ago, amazing!
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  2. Added MRVL 23 calls heading into earnings tonight. Using the weekly calls.

    And that BZUN was practically telling us to buy again yesterday. I had a whole position so I didn't want to over extend, but the way it traded all day was a good sign, although I didn't like the close.
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  3. Well, the pattern is changing. We didn't get a sell off in the middle of this week, and if today holds then the rally is picking steam. I'm changing more from weekly calls to monthly calls and will start looking at breakout patterns.
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  4. Here we go:
    I'm about to close out MRVL for a small gain, nothing to say there.

    -Opening positions on MSFT Apr 95 calls, INTC Apr 50 calls, AMAT Apr 60 calls. Also added NFLX and NVDA March calls, using NFLX 325 calls and NVDA 247.5 calls. Looks like I'm sticking mostly to techs.
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  5. I got lucky, but I'm sitting just under 35.5K. The big SQ positions I added on Monday and Wednesday are paying off. I also got lucky on that BZUN trade where it could have gone very bad. Those 3 positions are still opened, but that's about 2300 in gains that has pushed me into the 35K mark. The new positions this morning have added about +400. My position size, like I mentioned earlier, is higher now where I'm adding up to 6 contracts spread throughout the day now compared to an average of 2-3 before this week. I've got about 30% in play right now, and I'll add more as the market rallies up to test its highs.

    I'll look to set up more earning trades and success is starting to pick up.
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  6. Locked in +6200 in gains this week. Most of it came on Monday when I added JPM and NFLX last Friday. I am actually doing that again this week with NFLX and JPM (along with NVDA). I jumped into JPM a little late so it's showing a -12 unrealized at the close. I was able to jump into NFLX earlier this morning and made a nice run from 6.5 avg to 10.6 at the close.

    The other new positions I've added here are Apr calls with MSFT, INTC, and AMAT. The pattern was different this week, and that strength after Cohn's resignation along with Trump's tariffs is giving me some indication that we could be at the start of a new rally. I won't know for sure until April when I close out these positions for either a gain or a loss. These open positions are showing a nice unrealized gain of +3895 after that last 5 minute buying spree where I saw shares like NVDA pop back up and MSFT jump right into new highs at 96.50 when the market closed. I'd say the rally today was broad, but leading stocks in the Nasdaq were just pushing at a much faster rate.
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  7. OI, this one month VIX chart could spell trouble for the Bears. VIX 2_9_2018 to 3_9_2018.png
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  8. At the break of a previous-day low, it should be a good short.
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  9. Nice chart Jeff. That's exactly the technical analysis that I felt from Wednesday into Friday. From Monday to Thursday as the SP500 was held below its 50-day ma, you could feel buying pressure building up. Where Wednesday and Thursday were more bearish over the past 2-3 weeks, they turned bullish and the market finished at the high end of the range each time. Then, things broke out Friday with the market just pushing through on Friday and that to me is another indication a rally starting. Add that to your chart showing VIX breaking down through recent support levels, and this rally is starting to look very strong.
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    And the vix curve is back in contango
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