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  1. Well, I sure hope traders caught that SNAP and TWTR train, cause the reward is here. I'm going to close out my FB and BA puts as I don't need those hedges anymore. I'm also going to close out the SNAP today if it is showing me a return above 150%. Bulls make money, but pigs get slaughtered. Same with TWTR. I'm not even going to leg out of this one, just close out the trade. I will see if I can catch the momentum run in TWTR for another day though so there's that. I also have NVDA with its report due out tonight.

    Should be a good week. Already locked in +2300 in profits this week. I should be able to lock in another +2500 today.
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  2. Locked in profits of +2400 on TWTR alone. That was unexpected. The profits in SNAP was a little smaller as it started retreating at the open. Also closed out FB and BA puts right here taking a gain on FB but I got in too early on BA yesterday, and ended with a loss of -60 on that trade.
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  3. Looks like I jumped out of FB and BA puts too soon. Those were set up as hedges and once I closed out TWTR, I just felt I didn't need it anymore. I am still holding the NVDA 235/245 call spread, but that beating NVDA took is going to make it hard to reach my target. I actually saw the potential for NVDA to hit record highs should earnings come out strong. The results couldn't have been any better, but NVDA is only at 233 in the after hours tonight after closing at 217. Tomorrow morning should be interesting. Futures are green right now, let's see if that can hold overnight. If it plays out correctly, this should be one of the best week this year with a 25% gain in my account.

    I've noticed that I am also going back to pure earning trades. The post earning report momentum trades are done for now with increased volatility creating too much uncertainty. I think the only thing I screwed up on was not also taking GRUB ahead of earnings. I was too focused on TWTR.
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  4. Alright, calm market this morning. NVDA is all over the place so I took the opportunity to leg out of the short 245 calls in the NVDA 235/245 call spread I had. It was only 2 contracts so I added about $110 to my max loss. I need those 235 calls to break $4.10 to break even, but at this point I'm willing to take a loss here. I am going back to some post earnings momentum trades. I like TWTR and I am looking to add TWTR Feb 30 calls to see if momentum carries into next week. EXPE should be an interesting put side momentum too.
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  5. Added TWTR Feb 30 calls twice today. Once on the way down and another on the way up. I also added JPM Feb 110 calls for a move next week on the banks.
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  6. There was nothing for me to add yesterday so I just held JPM and TWTR. I did close out TWTR calls today though, and I'm probably going to lock in profits on JPM too at end of day. I will also use the profits to add UPS here. The drop from 130 to 107 is deep, and I'm just looking for a quick reversal.
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  7. I jumped into CMG Feb wk 4 $300 calls at 2.30 avg price. The new CEO has some potential here and CMG at the lows were bound to reverse. This should be a solid move over the next week. JPM is also holding up well, but those UPS are taking a hit.
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  8. Well, the market is still showing some volatility bouncing around this morning. I've looked at some earnings play today after adding CMG calls. I picked out 2 for some earning reports this week. The first one is AMAT 50 calls with earnings due tonight. The 200-day should hold and I could see it run up to 55. I also added DE calls with earnings on Friday morning. The drop in CAT and DE have been huge, and I can see a turn around here.
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  9. I locked in gains on AMAT, but took a -675 loss on UPS calls. That one hurt. Still holding JPM, but calls expire tomorrow so I'm looking for an exit. DE's report is tomorrow, so that's going to be interesting. I will more than likely hold CMG into next week to see if momentum holds. At $22K, I needed to put more capital into play so I added NVDA and NFLX calls. I took a loss on those NVDA call spreads after earnings last Friday, but I still like the stock. Bought NVDA Feb wk4 250 calls and NFLX Feb wk4 275 calls. I do believe both will break into record highs soon if not today. I actually believe NVDA should hit new highs today, and I'm looking for NFLX to follow through next week.

    *Still adding positions, Just put in BA Feb wk4 355 calls too. I'm going short term, because I feel we might get another short test of the lows before moving out.
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  10. Added more to BA, NFLX, and NVDA calls on this dip. I'll add more if there's a deeper dip in the afternoon. I'm setting up for a full position on all 3 to hold into next week.
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