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  1. Hi all, hope everyone had a good weekend.

    EURUSD, Sell, 1pm @ 1.3668 +8

    USDJPY, Sell, 5am @ 119.71 +28
  2. Quick update:

    Still in my EURUSD short position. Now up 66 pips!

    Exited my USDJPY short position yesterday for a loss of 12 pips.

    I have just taken a long position on the USDCHF @ 1.2140.
  3. I have closed my long USDCHF position for a profit of 8 pips. I am currently holding my short EURUSD position which is up 82 pips.
  4. I closed out my short EURUSD position earlier today for a profit of 74 pips.
  5. These are some strategies I just came across which got me very excited and I just wanted to post them. I am going to start auto trading some of these strategies very soon, after some more observations.
    (EURUSD - S Default strategy)
    (GBPJPY strategy #110 under the running 12)
    (GBPJPY - P Default Strategy)
    (USDCHF - S Default Strategy)
  6. [​IMG]
    USDCHF-S(swing) (backtested results)

    USDJPY-S(swing) (live results)

    USDCHF-S(swing) (1 year backtested)
  7. [​IMG]

    Signal I got last week, I am now up over 80 pips on this trade. :)
  8. recommend you don't get too excited yet. You are getting strategies from a company that tested 50 million permutations, and these were the most promising? Simple statistics says that some of those are going to look good & promising in backtest.

    Does not mean they will have any value in walk-forward testing or real-world trading.

    Go small for awhile until you are sure these work in the intermediate term. 3 trades does not a fortune make. But 100 trades could a poor man make...
  9. I hear what you are saying, and I agree. Those are just a few that I decided to post. They have thousands of profitable strategies on their site.

    Yes, just because they did well in the past does not mean they will do well in the future.

    I am quite comfortable with their results though, as their backtested results have always generated the exact same results as live signals.
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