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  1. Just got a buy signal for USDJPY @ 11am est when the market was at 117.87. Have a stop loss of 30 set, wish me luck.
  2. pips it

    pips it

    Well, good luck ... but where are your stops and take profit levels at?
  3. Good Luck!...... what time frame, 1Hr bars?
  4. This trade was entered based on a swing signal, the default setting for the chart is 4 hours, but some of these strategies seem to use more than one timeframe together.

    Like I said, my SL value is 117.57(30 pips) and I am not using a TP. I am going to make this a trailing stop, which I will change manually for the time being.

    Up almost 20 pips so far. :)
  5. Closed and reversed at 8pm est last night for a net profit of 35 pips. I am now short on the USDJPY and up 32 pips.

    I will be happy to take these medium profits, if they can stay consistant. We will see.
  6. Just thought I would give a little update. This current short position has me up 131 pips now!
  7. Took a 20 pip loss after I was stopped out of a cable long position, only to see it bounce back up and recover in no time. Why does that always happen. :mad:
  8. Well I finally got a signal to exit that short position, but it ended up costing me the a bit. After the market bounced back up some what(USDJPY) the close and reverse signal was generated(11pm est 03-29). Still banked 59 pips from it though, but it could have been over 130!

    Then after I was in the long position over night I got a close and reverse signal this morning at 5 am for another 44 pips profit. I am currently short, and hoping for some more pips from this lucrative pair.

    It is amazing how well the signals have been for this pair this week.
  9. Just got my close and reverse signal for USDJPY, I am now long and closed my short position for another profit of 44 pips net.

    44 must be my lucky number. :D

  10. Nice, I played that two. Scalping though. 12 pips for me. Bouncing off the Fibs right now though, I am getting probably short again.
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