My trade journal (I think this will help me be held accountable)

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  1. Hi all,

    As stated in a previous thread, I am getting back into it after a few months to calm my mind from a trade blow up. Going to start small with a "fun" account and see what I can do. This is all my opinion and any trading decisions are yours alone. Feel free to comment etc. So last week, I was stalking MCOA, CNBX, OWCP. I went with MCOA based on the fact that it has run before. I could (and may be should of went with one of the other two MJ stocks, but such is life - not sure how I could of filtered between the three). Will post entry and exit.
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    You might want to bookmark this, it looks like they update the whole industry weekly, with a one week lag. Scroll down the page to see the reports.
    .... Since you like the sector so much. g/l
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  3. The spreads on MCOA are pretty big, looks like MM manipulation, just need to let her run.
  4. Finally, looks like there is some life in the sector and on this one.