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    This is a journal dedicated to my Trade-Ideas automated trading system. First let me say I am in no way affiliated with TI. I was just the first “real” trader they encountered to test their software.

    I have been trading for 15 years, and have trained hundreds to trade, but I have never tried to automate my methodology. This has been my first step in that task, and let me say it has been gut wrenching to say the least. I not only tested the functionality of the system, but I have a lot of contacts at Assent, so I bridged the two together, and after a year I finally have a working product.

    The quick explanation is that I write a TI window with high probabilities(strat if you will), and backtest it through TI odds maker. It only trades the first 10 minutes of the market open, and that is it. Entry and exits are predetermined by time/ profit targets/ stop losses (may be a bad idea, but I don’t get raped for points that way). It is far from perfect, but it is finally making some consistent money for me.

    This is for me to keep the system honest, and to get real input from others. I gladly take criticism, or constructive feedback, but don’t flame me for being new to automated trading. Automation is hard enough ( I have to turn the monitor off with an audible alarm if something goes wrong).

    Like I said, I use Anvil with a bridge, trading 50 share lots for now.

    Todays results 300 shares traded +$37.50 (wow).

    I will include the last 2 months trading in the following
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    Here is yesterdays results +43.00 on 700 shares..

    Here is the last months trading results

    $116.00 900
    $22.00 300
    $19.50 200
    $132.00 600
    -$48.50 200
    $143.50 2,800
    -$2.00 400
    $129.97 1,374
    $90.50 800
    $4.26 1,400
    -$29.00 400
    $110.00 400
    $216.80 600
    $68.00 400
    -$30.00 500
    $42.50 1,500
    $29.76 520
    $104.00 800
    -$105.31 800
    -$42.40 400
    $117.00 400
    $96.54 700
    $101.00 500
    $32.50 1,400

    +$1,318.72 on 18,294 shares
    Not setting the world on fire, but GREEN!!!!
  3. How the F!@# do u get away with trading 50 share lots?
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    When I started this over a year ago, I got smoked day after day. Slippage, entries not matching up, slip on exits. It all revolved around lags in both systems talking to each other.

    Obviously since the system has become stable, and I am able to prove money is being made on my supositions, I am bumping up the size. Today I let one strat take 100 share lot trades (it only had one).

    Baby steps man
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    Another positive day.

    +139 on 400
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    forgot screenshot
  7. This is very interesting ! would you be able to share your alert setting ?.
  8. Could you post a daily or weekly P/L? How much capital were you working with for the $1300 profit last month? And, was that profit after commissions?
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    Sorry, no I will not give you my alerts. I will however give you some pointers on how to set a good one up.

    Gotta say that this is just like coding yourself (without the expense). You have to be creative to get something that works consistantly. I don't know if 2 months worth of green data is consistant (would like input from anyone), But I am thrilled.

    As for my account. This account is a sub account from one of my main trading accounts at assent. So the BP is set at 40K. That is 10K in real money (only at 4 to 1 margin retail account). That is also why I started with 50 shares, and now have 2 strats at 100 shares

    The numbers are

    25 trading days
    $1489 gross profit
    40K BP
    commission is 110.94 (being generous, it is lower than this)
    1378.06 net after all expenses (SEC and commission)

    On the previous page their is a DAILY list of profit/loss and shares

    Will give some detail on setting up alerts to run automated later... It is Christmas.
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    that sucks

    -19.00 on 200 shares try next week
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