My TOS Chart Shows the 30YR at ZERO!

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Will the US Default on the Treasury Notes?

  1. Yes, we default

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  2. No, we get the dollar devauled by half

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  1. I do not know if it is a blip or a foreboding insight to the dismal future we face due to FED policies. Here is the screen shot./
  2. Oh by the way, I am talking about the 30YR Treasury Bond Futures(ZB). If you notice in the above link, my TOS chart shows a gigantic RED Candle on the treasury bond that goes all the way to ZERO.

    If/when this happens(I believe there is a good possibiity that the US defaults on it's debt), I call it FINANCIAL RECKONING DAY.

    With the national debt going up over $140,000 dollars a second, I do not believe we can print enough money to get out of it. The only way possibe is to do what FDR did with the Gold act of 1933, whack the dollar in half in 1 day and attach it back to the Gold Standard. This would wipe out the debt and stabilize the currency. The only way we can retain World Reserve Status is to do so. If/When hyperinflation sets in, the World will demand a change to a new reserve currency, it does not want to be held hostage, by higher and higher commodity(the neccessities of life) prices. We have a real weak pair of dueces and we are bluffing like we have a royal flush, we will get our hand called if we do not change course and do do very, very soon.
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    Hyper inflation
  4. TOS gets lots of bad ticks on the ZB. Has been going on for a long time now. Frequently around the end of sessions for both ZB and even ES sometimes.
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    sounds like overloaded servers
  6. i just hope you were short!

  7. Of course I was, untill yesterday. Have been playing the "flight to safety fiat printing press funny bonds and money pony show" untill they offload all that worthless paper to the dopes of the world. Then I will reverse course and make even more.

    I'll play them, I aint got to like them(I hope and can't wait untill they implode). Hey look, China keeps buying the stuff hot off of the presses, because they already own over a trillion dollars of the treasury trash. They do not want their investment to go belly up so they keep propping it up(with FED help). When they finally realize that they are creating the first newbie mistake(adding to a losing position) they they will stop buying and take the loss. They have over 2.2 Trillion in reserves.

    Hey wait a minute, they have been selling their treasuries(slowly as to not cause a stir) and dumping dollars for gold, soy, wheat, copper and the like. Only a matter of time IMO when the world decides it time to stop be held hostage by our dollar policies, when that happens, I will be short 6 figures! Cheers!