My top 10 PC games before 2010

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  1. It's always really hard to class the greatest art of our time. So there is no order, just 10 pc games that in my view changed my gaming experience forever :

    Mankind ( MMORTS, Res Publica, those who have played know the story of the 2 brothers, and their end... )

    CS ( the cleaning of the adversary team all with the Awp... the coordination with 2 friends... bammm flash bang ) GOGOGO.

    WC3 FT The Ultimate RTS, watch a game of Grubby or other heros on youtube to understand

    Ogame Same as Mankind without a 3d interface, only numbers

    Starwars 2 Old ( 10 years ) FPS, with the doors opening ultra fast with some time an ennemy behind one... frightening :D

    megarace first game with precalculated 3d, race car...

    F22 ADF Flying... but the Sukhoi 27 were really hard to get...

    C&C Before Hollywood : Westwood

    Max Paine the baby sceen is really impressive... and the kitchen of fire... pfff

    Syndicate Wars I think that it's the closest one to our reality! Thank you mister Lion :D.

    And thank you to all of you for offering the Market such impressives games. I have forget a thousand, but I wanted only to say 10... I could go on and on...
  2. I love video games, but I haven't play them for awhile. I bought my PS3 about a couple of years ago and I think I only played it like 20 times. It's collecting dust now.

    They are coming out with some really amazing looking games--like Bayonetta. Unfortunately, games are getting too complex for me. Now I just go on Youtube to watch the games like movies instead of playing them. It save me time and the HD video gave me a real good visual experience. :)
  3. Team Fortress
  4. Battlefield 1942
  5. Modern Warfare 1 and 2.