"My Throat Hurts."

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Arnie Guitar, May 7, 2007.

  1. I'm a caregiver for an elderly parent, my Mom(86).
    This morning, she couldn't get out of bed because her left leg was numb,
    and she had a tingling sensation in her left hip.
    I called her Doctor to make an appointment,
    and when the nurse heard the symptoms, she said to take her
    to the emergency room right away.
    I got her in the car and off we went.
    When we got there, I went to get a wheel chair, and when I returned,
    a chico bingo bango car pulled in the lot with the mariachi music blaring.
    Out comes a young girl with about a 6 year old kid. They looked fine, walking with a spring in their step.
    I got Mom into the wheel chair and wheeled her in. The girl and the kid were at the check in desk in front of us.
    The nurse comes out, and asks the girl if she could help her, she pointed to the kid (no habla englese),
    and the kid says, "my throat hurts".
    I'm effen serious.
    I couldn't help it, I incredulously asked, "your throat hurts?".
    The nurse saw my Mom was in obvious pain and discomfort, and asked the girl and boy to have a seat....
    She started working on Mom right away.

    Jesus H. Christ.

    Going to the EMERGENCY ROOM for a soar throat?!?!?! [​IMG]

    I know it's nothing new anymore,
    but WTF is going on here, and will it ever stop?
    I know, not anytime soon...

    BTW, Mom is doing better.
  2. Arnie,

    I am glad to hear your mother is feeling better.

    The illegal alien scum ("they only come here to work . . . ") will stop showing up at hospital emergency rooms for sore throats and ankle sprains when they are forced to pay for their visits and are served only in English, like your mother and most Americans.

    Since the socialist scum congress and the retarded president work against us on this, and many other issues regarding the invasion of the US by illegal aliens from the south, the government will have to be changed, the government will have to be corrected.

    And also mariachi music is right up there with polka - they both suck.
  3. Nick Leeson Jr. for President!!!!! (Or ambassador to Mexico) :D
  4. infooo


    I second that , lets get a momentum rolling

    oh and how long until Nick Jr. starts behaving like a dictator

    cause I sense he's got it in him :D
  5. but see.. this is how we subsidize corporate america's insourcing. lucky us... the corporations help bring in the illegals and pay them shit... with no benefits which in turn drive down salaries for many in that industry.. then we get to foot the bill for their visit to the ER where they may just have a lil soar throat. try sitting there for 5 hrs waiting when it should only be 30 minutes. this is lose, lose ,lose for us and win win win for corporate america and the neocons.

    yes neocons love ruining america... they have their eyes set on drafting these illegals when the time comes.
  6. Has anyone checked to see if it wouldn't be cheaper to pay the s.o.b.'s to stay in Mexico:confused: