My Thoughts On Proper Prop Firm Trading For Newbies/Semi-Experienced Traders

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  1. My thought is that in order for a beginner or semi-beginner (who hasn't yet figured out his strategy) is that when joining a prop firm that:

    * first and most importantly, you receive solid foundational chart training
    * have a sincere and competent mentor
    * your learning period with the firm does not end

    They should recommend that you start off with small shoare lots and progressively monitor your trading record and give you good tips and tricks/techniques for successful trading.

    Don't just go after high buying power since if you don't know how to handle that level of BP then you will only wind up getting burned and blow your trading account.

    A good prop firm in my opinion - after interviewing many firms - is one that allows you to grow with the firm and gives you the confidence that they care about your trading skills.

    Start slow and improve gradually is my advice!
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