My thoughts on Prop firms (Some)

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by tradinpat, Aug 17, 2002.

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    Don't assume everyone on this sight is green. I'm asking Silk because I'm being scouted by Worldco, and I want to know how things are run over there. Developing the skills to trade a 1000 shares is not my concern.
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    everyone on this site is green- hahahah thats a good laugh.....anyways man, best of luck to ya.....
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  3. Silk is not typical at all. If he is telling the truth (which means he would probably be the FL trader that is no 1 in the firm) he is absolutely the exception. It is true that there is a huge upside the more you are able to prove that you are successful. Still, most traders are lucky to be trading 500 shares within a few months. And since some (no, not all) of the top traders rarely trade more than 5,000 shares, you really, really have to show that you are elite to get 10,000 shares. If you are that good, more power to ya!
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