My thoughts in Visiting America - From A Canadian Prespective

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  1. Some of the things that I have realized while visiting America include the following:

    a) The country is morbidly obese, I couldn't fathom how many kids, adults I saw that were extremely out of shape, and honestly, scary to look at. I personally felt I was very accepting person, and extremely non-judgemental, but I think I can't say that anymore.

    b) The number of Fast food joints every 2 blocks, driving down I5, there must be a fast food joint every 5 minute.

    c) America's lifelines are the highways, but its greatest weakness. I think the over reliance, on building 5 lane highways leads to low densification and having too much reliance on oil.

    d) Shopping at Supermarkets, fast food is extremely cheap. I can't believe you can buy white bread at 1.19 and you can purchase 4 ltr gatorades for the price of $50 cents. It seems Americans can buy crappy foods for next to nothing, but I found organic items, and basic produce more expensive than in Canada.

    e) I am still amazed on how Obama won the election, considering how much Racism I received it was just eye opening. I was at a parking lot getting out of my car, and about 5-10 teens started hurling racist slurs in my direction. Later, I see these same teens in the cafeteria in the mall, and they were apologetic. My friend suffered the same fate, when a Mall Security Guard told him to go back where he belongs.

    f) No proper planning, no densifiation of major cities.

    I hope this is not considered a cheap shot to Americans, but honestly I feel Americans are a great bunch of people, but I think America isn't entitle to whatever it feels it deserves.
  2. A, B, and D are essentially the same thing.
  3. "America" the idea and "America" the reality have been diverging for a few generations now. The disparity is just getting more obvious. America is like a stone rolling downhill - it just keeps gathering steam.
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    Did you only go to Alaska or Arkansas or something? This is a huge country and difiicult to make broad generalizations, like you have. Try visiting California, New York, Hawaii, or Florida where the people actually live before you make your assumptions.
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    a, b-depends on area. in place where i live-we have no fast food places. they not is cheap. good food is cheap too,if you know,where to buy. America is racist? pardon my french..but..let's just say it's not true. i've been here for a decade and NEVER , i repeat-NEVER heard anything racial. talking about east coast. i've been pretty much everywhere-from boston to key west.
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    true..tell me that New Yorkers or folks from Florida are racists :p
  7. I wasn't much of a racist before moving to NY. Now, sometimes my patience is tested. Tancredo was right when he talked about assimilation.

    Note: I wasn't born in this country, but I don't think ghettos have ever been a good thing.
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    What if you just look at crime stats among blacks and decide that instead of presuming they are good guys until they prove otherwise you decide that you will presume they are psycho super criminals until you learn otherwise... makes me a racist I suppose... otoh I'm an Indian and the murder rate on the reservations is twice the inner cities... sometimes I look at these black jokers and sort of wish they would start something :) I sort of want to do some "Urban Renewal" sometimes.. oh wait, in my mind's eye Obama is giving me the "Obama Evil Eye"....

    Regarding the diet, try and tell these morons that their food is their health problem. MY GOD you will find yourself in a horrendous uphill battle because their frigging doctors won't tell them that and the lady down the street won't agree and who put you in charge and they advertise it on TV so it must be good... I'm 65 and I don't need any meds, I found some I like and I take them but that's just me... get a mineral supplement and some Omega3's at the very minumum and you MIGHT survive the food here...

    The US is a stupid place, it's being eclipsed by Europe in so many ways...
  10. What the fuck does this have to do with economics?

    Take your opinion and go to chit-chat.
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