My thesis for oil is coming true. . .

Discussion in 'Trading' started by eagle488, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. There were a few major headlines over the weekend that it seems the oil market has missed. Iran and Opec are both stating that they would cut output in order to stop the fall of oil. Niger and Venezuala are vowing to cut as well.

    Im looking at the electronic trade oil ticker and it seems like its taking a big yawn at this big news. Down 27 cents, not even up slightly. 6 months ago oil would have been through the roof on such headlines.

    Yep. Oil is nothing more then a speculative trading instrument where the traders simply bidded it up way too much.

    My biggest disappointment in myself was for not shorting Ethanol. I am going to take myself out to the woodshed for punishment.
  2. oh trust me oil is going to go up.

    and i have only one word to justify my intermediate term view: Ghawar
  3. They didn;t miss it, they just don't care. thats a bear market.
  4. They didn;t miss it, they just don't care. thats a bear market.
  5. Neodude


    My paranoid anti-gov theory is that the oil reserve spiggots have been opened right before the elections... and the fact that fundamentally oil was never worth 70 something dollars to begin with.

  6. GHAWAR ? is that the worlds largest producing oilfield ?
  7. It's the largest Saudi oil field, and there is speculation that it has peaked.
  8. I'm just curious how long is "intermediate term view"? Seems to be in a nice downtrend now ( 11:20 est). If your long since the morning your already in the red.