My Theory On Predicting Long Term Range Breakout

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    The assumptions:

    1) Pair valuation (read: long term price action) is determined largely by fundamentals between a pair.

    2) When pair fundamentals are unchanged for a period (GDP, inflation, employment, political stability etc), pair valuation reaches equilibrium and 'rangy' trading ensues.

    The theory:

    1) A significant period of daily range trading should be accompanied by a concurrent period of relative 'equilbrium' between fundamentals

    2) Breakout from a significant period of daily range trading should occur shortly after pair fundamentals exhibit a significant divergance from 'baseline' fundamentals witnessed during the range bound period.

    The implication is that new fundamental relationships between the pair drive a new valuation of the currency.

    Fundamental-based traders than battle with an entrenched range-bound market mentality, with fundamentals eventuallly winning out and a new trend then forming.

    For myself, this theory could be applied to a type of 'fundamental' based filter that would engage after a period of
    1) daily rangy trading
    2) that corresponds with unchanged pair fundamentals

    When fundamentals begin diverging a range bound period, entries for a trend following system can be put on.

    I dont have the computing skills to test this yet. But in theory, the idea should hold.

    Any ideaS? Suggestions? Contributions?

    Does the market hold to this theory, in your experience?
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    It would be nice if you could backtest this and get back to me?
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    y did u erase ur post oddtradeR?
  4. Looks like you've found the holy grail, and as usual nobody would like to talk about it on ET. :D
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    Im not sure its the holy grail.

    But it could be useful for indicating when a definite range bound market is occuring and when it will likely end.

    A possible good filter and/or entry trigger for one hell of a mean-reversion system is all ;)

    I guess thats what u refferring to - mean reversion possibilities.

    Seriously, what do u think of this idea/
  6. Perhaps you simply should start a journal. Bye.
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    Thanks for the 'thoughtful' reply.
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    Surprised nobody else has wanted to contribute.

    Come on guys!! Does it have value? can we make it betetR?
  9. Ideas are a dime a dozen. Implementing, testing, etc., are where the real work lies. You're asking someone else to do the real work and give you the results?
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    No, Im not. Im asking for contributions to start with.

    Does the idea make sense, in your experience? Is the idea fundamentally sound, in theory?

    Thats why I ended the initial post with "what do you think"???

    Why is everything like pulling teeth around here?

    What does it cost you to comment on a theory?

    Thats all im looking for.
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