My theory on how the Fantasy Danektedoen chat room will play out

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  1. This is how it'll play out.

    Danektedoen , part of the star wars trilogy Leader would

    <b> Hype and AFTERTHEFACT bullshit</b>
    Danektedoen, would preface all this by posting $100k profit loss charts AFTERTHEFACT, annoted charts AFTERTHEFACT, and trade statitics AFTERTHEFACT.
    Notice not one real time post EVER.

    <b> Securing the Trust </b>
    a. Danektedoen, would say , look, I don't charge anybody. Everythigns for FREE.

    <b> Obscuring to increase the demand </b>
    b. Turns a public room into private to make it more "obscure"

    <b> Aliases for pumping</b>
    c. 5 aliases constantly pummping every thread and obscuiryt
    I can name them

    <b> Propaganda to pay "everybodys doing it" </b>
    b. Usage of imaginary Shills in chatroom to spread "propoganda" of paying in the FUTURE.

    Multiple shills in the Danektedoen controlled by Dane would start to say, you should start this as a pay service, too much people getting too much good info (all bullshit info of course)

    ***battle on S&P here, Resistance here, Lower low here, All in hindsight all bullshit. ****

    Anytime anybody says "battle" to me, is bullshit, Thats 100% scam, theres no such thing as battle, battle my freaken ass.

    <b> The CLose </b>

    c. Since the whole room is full of sheep followers will FOLLOW the sheeps,
    The multiple shills starts to say "I'll be paying the $200 a month no problem"

    The rest of the sheeps will FOLLOW and pay the $200, like its some normal deal.


    Danektedons, usage of shills is easy on a private chat room cause its virtual + nobody knows if its the same person or real people, many people in the chatroom can keep praising the Danektedon from star wars on how good the entries are,

    but in reality all the praises are himself.

    <b> The sheeps </b>
    SHEEPS ARE SHEEPS, they won't say anything but will continue to
    a) follow
    b) say nothing
    c) agree with the shills/fakes on Lord Danektedons teachings
    d) finally agree to pay $200 a month

    This is my "price action" of what will happen.
  2. You should put some background info for people that are not following this saga.
  3. Personally, I don't knwo any of the saga, but I was reading this "Saga" over the weekend with PUreTick and The BSer, And things struck me as a huge marketing scheme.

    ps. I use to write marketing editorials myself, and radio jingles for a product I sold. I read a bunch of marketing books

    So I went over the previous thread this weekend like inspector gadget. Was a lot of fun.
  4. <h1> NO REAL TIME trade posts in over 7000 posts, yet over 700 annoted delayed charts</h1>

    If that doesn't disturb you, I don't know what does, even the losing traders /hobby traders (marketsurfer hehe sorry) , or good traders metal,riskarb with his nutty options, buy1sell2, and a bunch of others

    All have posted real time trade posts again and again.

    This should deeply disturb any believers.
  5. I know who you are. R U still angry at RFT? :p

    PS: time to hit the hay. Or something like that.
  6. Could I hire you to do something like that for RFT's blog.

    But RFT's blog is legit. RFT posts ahead of time or in real-time, here on ET and on his blog! For instance, check his latest call for the latest bottom, earlier tops including top of McDonarld.

    PS: ET members have no money. They are free loaders. I am interested to non hardcore ET members (such as passerbys, and also members somewhere else).
  7. <b>The contest between PUretick Vs Danek</b>

    The coolest thing about this rivalry is, Anek knew puretick coudln't trade, so he offered the "CONTEST" , Its like offering a bum to compare who's car is moer pimped out, he's not going to take you up on the offer.

    <b> team up</b>
    Puretick also posted emails sent from Danek where Danek wanted to team up on teh chat room business to fleece a lot of south american traders.

    Now let me tell you, if you had a competitior, he wouldn't be making up completely imaginary stories, so things do have some fact to it, thats what really got me ticking on this "Saga"

    <b> Bad Vendor VS Complete BS vendor </b>

    The good thing about puretick is, at least its not imaginary, if you are paying you are paying, You knew from Day #1

    The bad thing about Danek is , nobody knows whats going on, everythings SMOKE AND MIRRORS , And thats what people hate the most, smoke and mirrors and a<b> whole lot of bullshit.</b>
  8. sounds like you're a little hysterical about this whole thing, coolio. Just like another troll around here who obsessively follows JH, Tums and others around, starting multiple threads about the same subject.

    What's the matter? Did you suddenly develop a strong streak of altruism? Looking to save fellow newbies from the clutches of the evil Anek and his cohorts?

    lol... it seems like maybe you either paid someone some money and got burned (I'm not sure if this room you're talking about is for-pay) or else you tried a few of his calls and got burned. Either way, you sound bitter, coolio.

    Last I heard of you was in 2007 when you took a cash advance on your credit card to recapitalize your trading account. How did that work out for you?
  9. I have no association with him but am wondering why your knickers are in such a knot over this?

    The guy doesnt charge so until he does (from what I read he wont but hey!!) hold your fire an wait till he does something worth having a go over.

    Find something more relevant to discuss such as is scaling out EVER a good option especially if the 1st target is less than your stop aka Pureshit style. I cant believe they get away with calling that trading.

    Anyone care to discuss as it really bothers me how so many of these vendors play the skewed R/R so they have a high win% neglecting the long term neg expectancy AND CHARGE FOR IT!!! Purescum arent the only one either

  10. Thats equivalent to waiting for the mortgage market to culiminate into a worldwide economy depression.
    I on the other hand look for things before it happens, a "price action" , soon enough it'll play out.

    Cause patterns don't lie. People do.
    #10     Nov 26, 2008