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    Hello my name is Kimani Shorter and I am promoting my theory of personality types. This is a summary of my theory.

    Math can be used to understand the human condition. Metaphysics and modern psychology are explored using a formula. This formula transcends those beliefs.

    Archetypes are primal symbols of people. These same archetypes are building blocks in determining personalities. Many individual archetypes are found in people at the same time / over a lifetime. These archetypes separately show fragments of people's unconscious minds. These archetypes combined display a large part or portion of the unconscious mind. When organized into groups of two they spell out psychological conditions. What seems random at first becomes very familiar when placed in a different context.

    There are six archetypes in this equation. Each archetype represents a distinctive trait. The Child relies upon others. The Hero is troubled. The Mother is empathetic and comforting. The Shadow is a symbol of apathy. The Trickster lacks morals and standards. The Wise Old Man is insightful.

    The six archetypes are divided into three sets. There are two archetypes in each set. The combination of the two archetypes in each set results in a model for psychological conditions. What makes people unique and special is determined by what archetypes are found in them the most.

    My theory believes that certain specific archetypes can be applied to the disorder or condition that you have. I've taken six of Carl Jung's archetypes and paired each two of them together. The two archetypes are then matched to several disorders because of their equivalency. The end result is three distinct types. Each type is defined by two archetypes.

    The insightful nature of the Wise Old Man archetype and the troubled nature of the Hero archetype are equivalent to the brilliant but withdrawn nature of people with Asperger's and Bipolar Disorder.

    The devoted nature of the Mother archetype and the vulnerable nature of the Child archetype are equivalent to the nurturing dependent nature of people with Codepenency Personality Disorder, Dependent Personality Disorder and Avoidant Personality Disorder. The apathetic nature of the Shadow archetype and the sneaky nature of the The Trickster archetype are equivalent to the apathetic manipulative nature of people with Narcissistic Personality disorder, Borderline personality disorder, Histrionic personality disorder and Sociopathy.

    There are eleven psychological conditions / types used in this concept. They are Asperger's Syndrome, Bipolar 1, Bipolar 2, Cyclothymia, Avoidant, Codependency, Dependent, Borderline, Histrionic, Narcissism, and Soctiopathy. The similar elements of these conditions unify them. They form an entity. These entities are used to define an individual. A person will gravitate towards one of these three entities much more than any of the others. Three characters are used to symbolize humanity. Society is divided into three essential segments.

    Artistry Professionalism Opportunism

    The Designer The Professional The Charmer

    The Designer

    The Hero - troubled
    The Wise Old Man - mentor / guide
    Tendencies: withdrawn, creative, insightful
    Dominant Capabilities: composing, equating, calculating
    Conditions: Asperger's Syndrome, Bipolar Spectrum

    The Professional

    The Child - dependency, vulnerable
    The Mother - nurturing, devoted
    Tendencies: generosity, dedication, sacrifice, humility
    Dominant Capabilities: consoling, comforting, compromising
    Conditions: Avoidant, Codependency, Dependent

    The Charmer

    The Shadow - back-stabbing
    The Trickster - devious, sneaky
    Tendencies: impulsive, manipulative
    Dominant Capabilities: enticing, seducing, tempting, exploiting
    Conditions: Borderline, Histrionic, Narcissism, Sociopathy
  2. I do not agree with this. Go to college
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    Sorry I didnt get past the first couple lines, but based on Simone de Beauvoirs law on human psicoanalisis, the atomic structure of your theory is very similar to atoms contained in fecal matter from the common bull.
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    "go to college" is a very erudite and descriptive response.:(

    without an explanation it is just an unpersuasive throwaway line.
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  6. I would agree with my profile.

    Like my Daddy always told me, I'm not any smarter than you, I've just been around longer.

    I like helping people if they are going through something I have already been through.

    In real life I am withdrawn and hopefully creative.
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    the mug shot photo isn't me. It's someone else. Just look at the birth date of the person from that site. he would be like 16 years old.

    I'm familiar with the Myers Briggs test.
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