My Thanksgiving

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  1. NoDoji


    In alphabetical order:

    Thanks to Ammo for demonstrating every day on a public forum what it means to have a trader’s mindset.

    Thanks to Austin for planting a seed on Mother’s Day that I truly believe will grow into an orchard.

    A standing ovation to Bighog for trends, breakouts, continuation, levels, music, channels, charts, music, books, Brooks, (did I mention music?) and all those admonishments that make me roll my eyes like the sullen teenagers we noobs tend to be when we have just enough screen time to think we know everything already.

    Thanks to Ray for asking me a question, which sparked a conversation, that started an amazing journey. “Hey, let’s steal a car…” :p

    Thanks to Redneck for patient ongoing encouragement via my journal while I struggled to find my way, and a special thanks for a long answer to a certain question early this year.

    Thanks to Schizo for the Unholy Grail, and prompting me to reduce risk and learn to truly trade by mastering 1 contract with hard stops.

    All right, time to do some cooking!
  2. Picaso


    OMG, Austin got you pregnant? :D :p

    All those you mentioned are fine gentlemen indeed, but if I may add...

    Thank <i>you</i>, Nodoji for sharing your journey with everyone, for proving it can be done without being a dick and for giving hope to us punters. :)

    All the best and Happy Thanksgivings!
  3. I second that motion...

  4. chahineg


    Hey Nod,

    My thanksgiving goes to you and to ET and to bighog whom I encountered in your journal.

    Although I do not know the two of you, I feel so blessed to have run into you on here. I have spent the last several weeks reading and thinking about and internalizing your posts and I am amazed at how my trading has been becoming more focused, how my confidence has been increasing and how my equity curve has been turning around, facing up, for the first time in years.

    While you call yourself a newbie, you do have the common sense, the ability to read and interpret others' actions, and the commitment and intensity of the pros we read about. I am convinced it is a matter of time before you reach that status.

    As far as the BIG HOGGIE is concerned, he is a master of the game and he is blessed (or should I say us?) with a great ability to communicate the essential and to penetrate resistance. I have learned more from his posts on ET than from all books and classes and seminars I've been through combined. What I find special about his posts is that they get you to act. His directness, bluntness, no BS style of calling it the way it is, his sense of humor, and his willingness to share his own experiences (some very hard) with us and his intense desire help us ... they get you to face your stopping points head-on and to ACT... "Soldier on," as he says!

    I love you guys, and I love ET for providing this platform and for REFUSING to delete Bighog's old posts (as he once indicated he wanted).
  5. NoDoji


    Yes, focus and patience and confidence, the Holy Grail! I'm happy to have paid it forward to you. I was never one to want to mirror someone else's trades, but Bighog was so certain in his knowledge I was sometimes tempted to ask if he would just tell me exactly what to do. He seemed to have knowledge of something that I just didn't grasp. I often thought he was nuts. Who in their right mind would buy high or sell low? But I eventually found my own way and it turned out to be the way he'd been patiently trying to drill into me from the time I started day trading!

    Focus and patience...there's a whole powerful thread waiting to be born on those subjects.
  6. chahineg


    Hi Nod,

    Have you really met Jack Hershey in person? How does he strike you? Is he really 81 years old? If find that hard to believe. His level of energy is unbelievable.

    People complain about his writing style being convoluted. I have to admit that I love his writing style. I'm quite taken by it. He reminds me somewhat of Carlos Castaneda.

    Regardless, he seems to have the psychology of trading down pat. I wanted to get your impression of him. Now that I am finished with reading your journal and Bighog's postings, I am going through Jack's ET postings in a systematic way. This is going to take a while since he has so much material that requires so much pondering.

    I understand he posted in the past under Grob109 and more currently under his own name. Are you aware of any other names he has used?

    You have been my inspiration. Thanks again for sharing your experience and your learning and trials on here.