My take on the elections ...

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  1. My take on the elections ... you'll have to hang your hat on the social issues. The economic beast is too wild for anyone to tame. It's a systemic problem, not a policy one. It's a problem with corporate America. We need heros, not selfish CEOs. We'll need a new kind of CEO to tame this beast. We'll need a CEO that answers to the greater good, not just the board and share holders. Think WWII. The world came together to defeat an unspeakable evil. Only now it's much more subtle and insidious. We need heros. Can anyone say Ayn Rand ?
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    Well said, only problem is that a CEO that answers to the greater good, not just the board and share holders, will usually be replaced soon by the board and share holders with a CEO that answers to them. A systemic problem can only be solved on systemic level.
  3. You focus on selfish CEOs.. they're a drop in the bucket compared to the problem of a greedy, spendthrift Congress and societal parasitic tit-suckers.

    We need heroes alright... political ones.
  4. Ayn Rand as a hero. wtf.
  5. Any "unselfish" CEO who fails to increase share price will quickly be shown the door. Stockholders will dump their holdings and invest in other companies. The stock price will fall even further. The Board of Directors will fire the CEO.

    CEOs have one job -- increase value for shareholders. If they fail do so, they will be fired and replaced by someone who will.
  6. Yeah, really. There is one here who wants to name his company after her primary protagonist.

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    "wtf" that's a free thinker for you.
  8. cant relate to someone who would think she was a hero. alternate reality.
  9. Nah, I think I convinced PT that Galt and his real life persona is not a good way to go.
  10. Already did
    John Galt Equity my very own personal hedge fund.
    I think I'll call you "DOL" for Dept of Labor or "AAboy" from now on .
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