My switch from IB to Velocity Futures

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by mBear, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. mBear


    If there is any interest, I will start a journal regarding my switch from IB to Velocity. A response by two people will be sufficient. If there is no interest, I won't bother.

    ET Moderator: please state whether I should start it in this forum or the journal forum.
  2. After another streak of BS PL I am considering a switch too.

    Here is what happened yesterday: I was down $190 according to the IB TWS PL. After a first disconnection, once I got reconnected I was up $30 for no obvious reasons. Another loss and another disconnection and now I am up $130. Can someone tell me where IB gets their software people from? This a total crap of a brokerage!!!
  3. mmm


    I'd be interested in hearing how IB compares to Velocity Futures, especially IB with ButtonTrader, if you happened to use ButtonTrader.

    -- MMM
  4. mBear


    Okay, I will start this journal here tomorrow. I will compare both the firms and the trading platforms. I will avoid talking about my trades unless they have to do with the difference in margin requirements for daytrading. Per the ET moderator, the thread will remain in this forum.
  5. traderob


    Like to hear. I might open an account with VF if my volume goes up later in the year. I would still keep Ib for equities and some markets like hang seng and Nikkei that VF doesn't offer
  6. Good idea.
  7. Lets hear all the gory details... :D
  8. Does VF also allow you to trade futures in different countries with just one base currency?
  9. And can you have euro as your base currency?

  10. Yes
    #10     Jan 8, 2004