My super bold prediction on AMGN

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  1. I say take a short position in AMGN (puts are the best way). 60 strike price and prepare for some fireworks in a few days.
  2. care to elucidate further?
  3. Target price 54-56 at least. It could gap down there tomorrow.
  4. I decided to bump this thread because I feel confident about what will happen to AMGN this week. So did anybody follow my advice or thought the same about AMGN?
  5. he is suggesting that the Democrats when elected will limit the cost of expensive drugs like EPO, etc... that AMGN produces.
  6. I don't trade on fundamentals EVER. I am just fading the markets as always.
  7. Watch AMGN... After a slow and lame start it is beginning to go into the proper direction. That is why I love options. I can "sit" on a position without a margin call. Can't wait to sell my puts for more than twice what I paid for them.
  8. Taking candy from a baby. I will get out at 54-56 depending on the situation.
  9. *Crickets* Here is a screenshot of my position on my "imaginary account"

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    ISAP-im gonna say it. Great trading! You know there whould be no *crickets* if you had a losing trade. WTF is up with people anyways???
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