My Streaming quotes/watchlist freezes?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by professorkev, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. I use TDAmeritrade with a newer computer (3 months old that I built using intel quad, good MOBO and decent video and 3 gigs memory.

    I Alsor trade through TDameritrade, however my watchlists will freeze up (no colors change & such) SOmetimes I have to close all the watchlists and graphs and that seems to unstick, but other times it will not and I have to reloard TDameritrade. Reaaly sucks.

    Could this be an internet "traffic ajm" coming into my house? Roadrunner was here and checked everything and all is a go.

    Any thoughts?

    BTW TDameritrades servers were scrwed up Wed. No streaming capabilities for most of the day, Can you believe that crap.
  2. Sounds like a software problem/conflict on your computer.

    What operating system are you running - XP or Vista or ?

    When you have the freezeup, what does the Windows Task Manager show for CPU and RAM useage?

    Do you have another computer you can test the same software on?
  3. Yeah forgot to mention, RUnning Vista on the desktop and XP on the laptop. HAppens on both. WIll have to report back on the other figures. I don't think memory usage was much. The TD (td ameritrade) "commander" Trading program seems to work, BUT it's the streaming watchlists and charts withing that program that freeze.

    I still have to discuss it with TD. But I use 2 computers (thank god I have a back up, and each have different OS's so that leads me program errors or connection. The cable guy says streaming for stocks doesn't pull that much in.

    Whatr are your speed tests results for Cable connection? Mine show 9000kbps down and 948 upload (using
  4. I have Verzion DSL with 1.5 mbps down and 384 mbps up. I use IB as a broker and the IB data feed uses a small fraction of my DSL bandwidth. The TDAmeritrade data feed should only be using only a small fraction of your cable bandwidth.

    If it is the TDAmeritrade software you having a problem with, then try using QuoteTracker with the TDAmeritrade data feed and see if QuoteTracker has any problems charting or displaying the data.

    Is the TDAmeritrade software written in Java? If the TDAmeritrade is written in Java there could be a problem of compatibility with your Java runtime version.

    Having the same problem on two different computers with two different operating systems makes it sound like plain old bad software from TDAmeritrade. You won't know for certain until the problem is solved.
  5. Yes it is in Java. THe Java window comes up as the program opens.
    How do you correct the problem if it's Java Related? I know, still have to cal TD.

    You get 1.5 for download speed?
  6. You have to ask TDameritrade what version of Java runtime works best with their software.

    I live almost 18,000 ft from my Verizon central office, so 1.5 mbps is the fastest DSL download speed I can get. Most Verizon DSL users have 3.0 mbps download. I have to wait a while for Verizon FIOS to come to my township and then I will have 10 mbps download. My only other choice is Comcast cable, but it is a junk internet connection with many short disconnects all day long.
  7. I subscribe to Comcast High-Speed "Blast" Service for $53.95 per month and have been quite happy with the service. I obtain very high download speeds as measured by - - - On another note, routers and modems are almost "throw-away" items these days similar to the old VCR. They last about a year and a half, and then deteriorate.

    Here's a suggestion for the OP and their TD Ameritrade account . . . Try downloading Quotetracker for FREE. It uses the streaming quote-feed from TD Ameritrade, and it's also FREE to AMTD accounts as long as there is a $2,000 minimum in the account.

    See how that works with your new computer.
  8. When I built my system I had a similar experience. It turned out to be a memory timing issue. OCZ worked with me to fix it. They're great.