My strategy & your backtesting

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by Option Trader, May 28, 2006.

  1. I have partially backtested a couple of trading strategies which gave tremendous results, and would like them to be tested more completely and fine-tuned, but don't have the time. I would share the ideas with someone (i.e. small trader only) in exchange for quality backtesting. Please inform if interested.
  2. wealth-lab is fine for me (high custom, taking into account the script language)...I trade for a living (emerging markets only / quant approach)
  3. Wait till ya got them "tested more completely".
    Ya may need not only fine-tuning but also quite a bit of sledgehammer shaping.

    May ya soon find the time to grow rich quickly.

  4. What you're saying is a 100% valid point for someone w/o much real life experience and is quick to assume/ conclude he's outsmarted the system.
    Much of the backtesting is fine-tuning (e.g. best entry & exist points), some is the type that shouldn't be used till double-checking in all market conditions.
  5. interested ?
  6. Just about to PM you.