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    Thanks for the update and bump Kev, it is so easy, especially after a good run to forget that you really don't know jack about what the market is going to do and to start thinking that you can make a better fundamental assessment than the rest of the crowd. It analogous to when events happen in life that remind us not to take simple pleasure in life for granted, well in trading we need to be reminded for time to time that we need to stick with our game plan and not start to think we are so smart that we can all of a sudden start shooting from the hip. Happens to the best of us, even the LTCM guys. Best of luck and I second the recommendation to read Douglas's book (if you haven't in the intervening years)
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  2. Thanks for the bump, it was a good read. I assume those were post 9/11 buys thinking the market was going to jump but the market continued down?

    The markets must have been crazy at that time and options very expensive.
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  3. Old thread of the week award (how much storage does Baron have!).

    Good luck to all. :cool:
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  4. you're a noob

    Even halfwits that watch cramer don't lose that much
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