my stop at 29 in crude was NOT executed

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by DreamerLikeYou, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. my theory is still valid

    bought at 57, waiting to 85

    stop at 29

    my theory still holds you biaches :mad:

    holding till I get my money

    end of story :mad:

    however, would never place a play like this again :p
  2. Wow. 1:1 reward/risk. Thats money manager material.
  3. very good trading, one of the few experts on elitetrader...

    2 ring fingers up!
  4. veggen


    Wow, you got balls for shure. I will give you that!

    How close did crude get to your stop?
    Is this your entire account?
  5. jjftw


    what exactly did you buy dreamer? which month?
  6. ....and I waited PATIENTLY for a proper LONG signal and nailed a LONG entry at $39.40 for the Mar QM contract. :)

    dont you guys remember this guy???

    he created that thread about buying at 56,
    and then actually admitted in it that he doenst really trade and he just makes up stuff on here for fun when hes bored!! :D :p

    he got banned on his other usernames but so now hes returned on this 1. :cool:

  8. Aloha AMT you rememba me mate??? :) :)

    How has your selling ES and dow spikes been going??

    and extremely nice entry at 39.40!!
    :eek: :eek:

    the best i could have possibly taken was a 40.86,
    but i day trade it dont swing.

    You holding this as a swing trade though mate???
    or gna just hold for day t few days max??
  9. All going very well Spanish......and I did get a very nice LONG signal in the QM as we traded in the $39's, so I am now officially back in the oil trading game again..... :) Over time I will continue to build up a large LONG oil core position with any signals from trading BELOW the current low.

    Today I was able to hit another profit target at $48.40 from my $39.40 LONG entries....I will keep cycling in and out of new LONG positions as the oil market trades below current lows.....just as I have done in the past.