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Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Brandonf, Oct 10, 2005.

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    I have never had this happen before, but every time I sit down and seriously think about putting on a trade my stomach hurts like hell. This has been going on since last wednesday. I have over the last 9 weeks had a 29% run up on my account and it has been like everything I did turned to gold. So, I decided to go 100% to cash and just chill and see what happens, if i start to feel better. It's very weird though because when I think about the market it feels like there is cotton behind my eyes and my stomach hurts, I get very anxious. Its not that I think my stomach is George Soro's back or anything, I'm curious if anyone else has ever had this happen and what they did?

  2. If you dont get at least one ulcer trading you have an iron stomach. In your case it may be a Soros type condition.:)
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    "I have over the last 9 weeks had a 29% run up on my account and it has been like everything I did turned to gold."

    turn your assets into gold
  4. You wont believe me but i`ll say it anyway. I woke up from a dream last Tuesday in a sweat. In my dream I was long a few hundred NQ`s....I was on hold for 10 minutes with my broker trying to place a sell for the whole lot at 16....they eventually hung up on me and I was freaking out saying things like "we wont see that price again anytime soon" "the top"..etc

    I believe that when one spends thousands of hours doing anything you develop an intuition regarding that happens to be ours I guess.

  5. Same problem here.

    When the bell rings I feel the same panic I felt before lessons at school begun.

    A void open in my stomach and I cannot get around it.

    Dunno what to do about it.

    :confused: :(
  6. Dude,

    see your Doctor.
    You can try a mild antacid as a home remedy. Cut down the fats/oils, and increase the fibre and greens.

    Also a decent sleep and excercise.

    Do you suffer any gastric reflux? If you do there are some terrific proton-pump-inhibitors (dumb name, but that is what they are called in medicine, they prevent the formation of hydronium ions) that have been in use for quite some time that will do the trick.

    Maybe its time for a holiday. Jamaica is nice.

  7. throw on a 250 lot trade and burn that shit out of your system -- come on now this is only a video game!!! :D
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    suck it up you bitches.

  9. THK if it is also directed to me.

    I always mantain a healthy diet and plenty of sleep, I am inclined to think it may be a deeper psychological problem that I never confronted since college.

    I might need an analyst.


    PS: Will consider the medications you suggest.
  10. I experienced this when I first started trading after a run of a large number of winning trades. Two things helped me. One, I cut back size to a point where on the next trade if it resulted in a loss, the amount wouldn't matter at all. Second, I had one of the physicians I spoke with each day (I worked as a pharmaceutical rep then) write me a prescription for carafate (generic Sucralfate). In my first pharma job 20 years ago, I sold carafate, and as a result, I became extremely familiar with the properties of the drug. The body only absorbs less than 2% of the product (so it goes in one end and comes out the other) resulting in a side effect profile less than or equal to placebo in most cases. The method of action for carafate causes the body to increase the mucosal lining of your gastrointestinal tract, thereby protecting your stomach from the increased acid production resulting from the stress you have placed upon yourself. This two pronged approach (fix the underlying cause while treating the symptoms) worked for me, and may work for you. Of course, you should consult with your physician to make sure the symptoms you experience are not the result of a more serious problem. Feel free to PM or email me if you have additional questions.

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