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  1. Hey guy's
    Just wanted to start a stock pick thread :)

    Here is my list

    -HANS (Hansen)

    -MO (ALtria)

    -HXM (homex)

    How about you guy's?
  2. My stock standard pick of choice?
    Easy. Jim Dunlop. Perfect for legato style playing...
    I wouldn't use anything else.

  3. Equal-

    I don't understand this post. Could you please explain?

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  7. Try to cut up some old credit cards, completely different sound.
  8. Sure "pick" is commnon/slang for plectrum (to me at least).
    Plectrum = A small thin piece of metal, plastic, bone, or similar material, used to pluck the strings of certain instruments, such as the guitar.
    Origins: Latin plectrum derived from the Greek word plektron

    Jim Dunlop manufactures my favourite plectrum - thus my stock standard pick of choice - the NYLON range, perfect for de-emphasizing the picking sound, exactly what is needed for those blazing legato solos.

    PS. My apologies, I should have included an obligatory smiley in my original post...:D
  9. LOL - tell me you haven't really done this Walther. :) I remember making my own from laminex - as a kid. Nowadays, the 0.73mm, 0.77mm and 1 mm Jim Dunlops work really well with my legato approach (ala Holdsworth).
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