My Starch Plant Just Got SHut Down?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by c_verm, Nov 3, 2003.

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    My job was just lost after the company I worked for closed the doors to the plant I worked it. I have been swing trading for 5 years and want to become a fulltime day trader. The company I worked for is willing to pay for any education I need for the job I wan to apply for, whch is a day trader with my own money.

    My question is Is there any day trading teaching courses I can take inorder to learn how to day trade?? The company said they would pay for the courses I take. What is a good daytrading teaching company??
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    You could always check out our own beloved Don Bright and Bright Trading.

    Since they are paying for your education, are you sure you don't want to be a physician or college professor or something like that?

    Wally :D
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    DTI and good luck in getting them to pay.
  4. c_verm


    Getting who to pay? WHo is DTI?
  5. What have you been swingtrading?

    DTI is Day Trading Instiute.

    They trade futures.

    No doubt, good luck getting your former employer to pay!:D
  6. Forget the trading and just open up a dry cleaners:)
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    Hi c_verm.

    Commiserations over job.

    You do need something looking forward alright. But hang on, if you've been swing trading, assuming you've been successful (as you've still been doing it 5 years on) why day trade? Its not the same thing, its very stressful and its more risky.

    Why not stick to what you know but build on it. Just because you've lost the direction of the working hours of the day at the plant, it doesn't mean you need to fill them with activity.

    Trying to be helpful. Please come back with your thoughts.
  8. c_verm


    You make good sense. I still do swing trade but only with a few thousand dollars per trade. I do ont want to swing trade with large amounts of money because I think swing trading has more risk than daytrading due to the holding over nights and taking a large gap down the next day.

    I have been day trading on my days off and have bee nvery succesfull. I feel as though I can make a living at this. I have a mentor teaching and guiding me throught this learning curve.
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    although I don't advocate day trading coaches, unless you are sitting right next to someone who is an actual trader himself, try out These guys in my opinion are heads above everyone else, and they are realtime traders too.

  10. I think Ken Calhoun at is a standup guy. He is a member here also, Ken_DTU. I know he cares about your success. And, he is in Hawaii, so if you need to go there for personal mentoring..... :)

    Good luck!
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