My Stab at Daytrading

Discussion in 'Journals' started by tbb123, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. tbb123


    36,000 shares traded today

    Approx $360 in commissions

    Profit $265

    21 positions:13 losers 8 winners 500 to 1000 shares per position.

    Avg winner $143.75 (after commissions)

    Avg loser $68.15 (after commissions)

    I am trying out new software that is helping with ideas. I am Swing/Option position trader for the most part. This is by far the most daytrading I have done in one day. Just looking for some input.
  2. Sample size too small to comment.
    Post for another 20 trading days, and THEN ask for comments.

    I made 2% of my account today, going long only, on a down day.
    Doesn't mean a thing. Could lose it all next week.


  3. birdman


    Way to go ... good start

    How many positions were long and how many were short?

    How can 21 positions sized 500 to 1000 = 36000 shares? (You did say 500 to 1000 for each position) Oh, you must have had multiple orders on some positions. Okey Dokey

    Good start for such a day as today.:)
  4. Sounds good. Outside of Net p/l I like to look at these everyday. They serve as targets along my road of consistency.

    net points
  5. tbb123


    Mostly short today. 17 short 4 long

  6. Are you trading with a prop firm? How long have you been trading?
  7. tbb123


    I Trade my own account. I have a couple accounts with IB. I do not know a lot about advantages of prop firms.
  8. If you know how to trade, I don't think there are any advantages that a prop firm has to offer. The only advantage is leverage, which is good for traders who are profitable but does not have a large enough trading stake to open their own account.