My solution to creating jobs, lowering healthcare costs, and saving government money.

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  1. The government owns about 50% of all the land in the US. So here is a simple solution. Create government farms, gold/silver mining operation, and oil wells. machinery will be used. It will all be picks, shovels and basic hand tools. This will get the overweight people some exercise and the government can pay them about $400 per week (about what unemployment pays) This of course will be paid for mostly by the proceeds made by selling the food that is farmed, the gold that is mined and the oil that is drilled. And since the obese people will be getting fit they will have less health problems which means less of a burden on the health care system.

    Of course nobody is forced to take these jobs, its all a choice, but no more unemployment benefits for able bodied workers. You work these jobs if you cant get a normal job. This work would also employ convicts, and since convicts normally cant get a job, this would keep them busy so there would be less crime on the streets and we wouldnt need to spend so much on housing future prisoners. As the government saves more money, it can reduce taxes which will create more jobs in the private sector.

    Win/win for everyone, right?

    Anyone see any flaw in this?
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    Sounds like Cuba. A friend who lives there tells me that Fidel says, "if you don't have a job I will give you a job". They have a high employment rate.
  3. Not quite cuba.

    Cuba would probably be more prosperous if we didnt have an embargo with them and told the rest of the world not to trade with them. There are only a few countries that cuba can trade with.

    Although we seem to be moving towards what fidel did when he took power. Taking everything from the rich and giving it to everyone else.
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    Fair enough, I just wanted to put the "socialism is always bad" thing out there. What you're talking about is like the WPA. I'm for it.
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    From Wiki: The Cuban state adheres to socialist principles in organizing its largely state-controlled planned economy. Most of the means of production are owned and run by the government and most of the labor force is employed by the state. Recent years have seen a trend towards more private sector employment. By 2006, public sector employment was 78% and private sector 22%, compared to 91.8% to 8.2% in 1981.[102] Capital investment is restricted and requires approval by the government. The Cuban government sets most prices and rations goods. Any firm wishing to hire a Cuban must pay the Cuban government, which in turn will pay the employee in Cuban pesos.[103] Cubans can not change jobs without government permission.[53] The average wage at the end of 2005 was 334 regular pesos per month ($16.70 per month) and the average pension was $9 per month.[104]
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    How do you drill an oil well with a pick and a shovel? And, if you have an answer for that question, the next question is, Why would you want to even try?
  7. Well for that, I supposed they could use a manually powered cable tool rig.

    Maybe only have the workers drill for oil once they've found all the gold and silver. :)
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    Even the Mexicans would refuse to do that work. :D But I'll give you some rope on this one. Just try not to hang yourself with it.
  9. idiocy at work. most of the land the government owns is not farmable. every bit of easily obtainable mineral deposits are being worked. what isnt would cost more to extract than its worth.
    i would suspect your ecomomics education is about on par with your biology education.
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