My solution to Californias Budget crisis.

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  1. Cut the real problem. Education. They spend 39 billion per year on higher education of which 13 billion comes from the state. Why? Dont students pay ridiculous amounts of money to go to college? Or is it all the free rides they give to the A students with scholarships? If those students are so smart they can figure a way to pay for college themselves. I mean if the D students can find a way, surely the A students can too.

    And Cut k-12 too. 61 billion per year (40 billion from state funds) is way too much. I mean 40% of the budget is going to education? I dont even spend 40% of my budget on my housing! No more than 10% MAX of the budget should go to education. If parents want smarter kids, they can fork out the money to pay for it themselves. All kids need to know is Reading, writing, and math. Everything else should be considered luxury education and paid for out of pocket by parents or taught at home. But no...schools are basically glorified day cares teaching stuff that 90% of will never be used and that 90% of worthless stuff being taught will be forgot by the time they finish High school anyway. (dont believe me? Just watch the show are you smarter than a 5th grader)

    There...30 seconds and i just saved CA 50 billion dollars (and probably a few 100 billion for the federal.) Make me Governor now.
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    totally agreed!!
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    Hopefully, that would only be Step 1 of your program. Stosh
  4. Just eliminate all illegals from the state. 30% of prisons, 25% of schools, 22% of medical care. There, its done. Very simple.
  5. what about the 200 bil they owe to the cali pension funds? what cha gonna do bout that
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    that's a stupid solution. cutting out education will make kids even dumber than they already are. if you want to remove all hope for a brighter future for this country, cut out education.

    public education has benefited me a lot. you don't know of its benefits until you see a system without widespread free public education. you don't know what you've got until you've lost it. go to somalia.

    the real solution is easy. have all the private banks that lent CA forgive the debt. CA should then create its own bank that prints and lends itself money, with the interest earned going towards public works projects. the bank will not be controlled by private interests. all bank activities will be for the greater good only and not for personal gain.

    now one might think that CA will lose its credit rating. who cares? the rating only matters when borrowing from the private banking mafia that runs the world.

    check out:
  7. I think UC tuition is pretty fair. The CSU tuitions are even more reasonable.

    My second will be going to UC this September. That will be two away at University of California campuses... just when the recession/depression really starting to bite :(
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    Teaching kids the basics would not make them dumber. If they want to go beyond that there are free libraries.. life is a Montessori school, pick a subject...
  9. What a shocker.

    Another DUMB post towards the end of the month designed to be controversial and generate web-activity to keep ET in business. Yawn.

    And for what it's worth, "D" students don't get into the UC system.
    And "A" students still wind-up paying $27,000 per year. But I guess that concept is a bit too difficult for your "brain" to comprehend.

    FYI: There are 2.5 MILLION students in the California Community College system. 417,000 students in the Cal State College system, and 220,000 students in the UC system.
  10. Other presidents have sent non-citizens packing before... mostly to make room for American citizen jobs.... but this would be a good reason, also.
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