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    Note that I don't trade stocks -- don't need too but if I did this would be my short list.

    Sentiment: They've lost focus on search. I haven't seen any improvement in search in a decade. They are still strong with a lot of success behind them and some great products. However, they've had security lapses and many of their most successful products like Gmail depend on consumer perception of security. Moreover, all their products are Ad-based. They haven't got any other income. They are a watch and see. If they can't improve their search they risk being overthrown in the next decade. If they can't start to take in money directly from customers then they likewise are at a risk of sudden sharp contraction. YouTube is, also, at risk. The shift away from developing stuff in-house will likely mean they lose their competitive innovation, as well.

    Although, gotta admit this logo approaches the level of Art:

    Sentiment: The good thing is it still has a long way to fall

    Sentiment: Worthless.

    Sentiment:Unlikely company will remain under same brand. Who is Yahoo anway? The risk is that it could be bought out by a greater fool.

    Sentiment: Apple is one of those companies that has a lot of inferior products that they manage to sell at superior prices. Worse for them to grow they must give up all the things that have made them successful. This is a bad situation.

    Sentiment: Unlike Apple, Nintendo has managed to survive by pure genius product and excellent execution. Unfortunately, it is hard to be a genius every year.

    Sentiment: Ebay alienated both their sellers and their buyers. They lost both trust and goodwill and are unlikely to get it back.

    Other shorts:
    Defense sector in general

    Companies I'm RELATIVELY bullish about:

    Sentiment: Intel is just a pure beast. They've got the best chips and are a monopoly. They've been beating their competition year over year and it is hard for anyone to challenge them.

    Sentiment: I find I'm using Amazon more and more. They are just very convenient.