My screens flicker with alot of charts open

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by dandxg, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. Can anybody help please. Other than tell me to close out some of my screens. Let me start off with my comuter specs. I have a newer computer Pentium 4 3.2 GHZ with HT on, 1.5 Gig of Ram, and a Matrox G200 Quad card. I have 3 19" LCD monitor, a Dell, a Princeton, and a off brand Septre DCL LCD costco special.

    Today I had Ninja Trader with 3 charts open, Sierra Charts with 3 charts open, TWS and IB with 8 lines of real time data, and a websharing programs which also shows real time charts from my mentor. I am getting screen flicker-flash? I have tried changing display settings screen refresh, etc. It seems to happen when I have alot of short time frame charts running, 2 minute charts with alot of prices changes. Is anyone else having these problems while trading? My CPU usage almost never spikes to 100% usage so I don't think that is it. Could anyone be so kind as to provide any suggestions.

    I am already going to return the Costco monitor because it has wavy lines/flicker since I got it. But today even my Princeton Graphics, a good monitor, was doing some sort of screen refresh, just not as much as the Costco special.

    Thanks in advance for everyone's help.

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    Do you still have this problem? I believe what you're describing is the same thing that I'm experiencing. I also have a Matrox G200. Could that be the problem? Is 32MB not enough memory?
  3. If not already, you might try setting your refresh to 60Hz (plenty for LCDs and trading) and your color to 16 bit.

    Does it flicker when you have one chart open or only when you get "one too many"?
  4. Sorry for the delayed response, I have been on vacation. No, everything is good now that I uninstalled and reinstalled new Matrox drivers for XP and yes I did set it down to 60 hz instead of the higher settings.