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    Ok, heres a screen shot of what I see and what I base my trades on. Note that all the charts time frames are 2 minute.
    Upper left is the NQs, upper center is my single quotes, upper right is ES, Lower left is MSFT, lower center is DOW and lower left is the S&P cash premium ($EPREM.X)

    In this chart, you might be able to see that with the BBs set at 8,2, I look to trade when price leaves the upper or lower band *and* seems to be changing direction. I like to confirm with the DOW, stochastics (set to 5,3,3) and its always nice if the NQs and the trin are all confirming. Most important of all is price, as all other indicators are only there for what they are worth. Note the inverse H&S at about 12:30 as well as the regular H&S at about 14:00. Patterns work in all time frames, when they work that is.

    This chart might be a little fuzzy because I tried to fit it all on this screen, but during the trading day, the detail is much better magnified and I find that to be a great help.
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    Yahoo said there was an error on both links.

  3. Get snagit from

    Easy to use and makes great gif's

    See my thread in the journals section plus in the "trying to post charts" thread
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    Well, that figures.

    Dumb thing. I will re post in a bit.