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  1. Evgeniy


    Good time of day, everyone entering here!

    My name is Evgeniy. I will keep this journal for two reasons:
    1. Eliminate some old mental habits and acquire new ones.
    2. Maintain balance and equilibrium in my path.

    I value the practical benefits of my notes:
    80% - for oneself from one’s own sequence and structuring (Ariadne’s thread);
    10% - perhaps anybody of the readers will find something useful for themselves;
    10% - I learn something useful from the guests of my journal.

    In this journal will be:
    - my thoughts on the mechanics of the market;
    - my ideas about trading;
    - practical results of my trading;
    - reasoning about physiology, psychology and philosophy through the prism of trading;
    - interesting from my point of view, thoughts from third-party sources that will be indicated;
    - personal "anchors" (recordings, photographs, music, etc.) to form my condition.

    This journal will not:
    - forecasts "where the market will go";
    - reflections on "where the market went";
    - entry points for trades and some details when I will work on instant liquidity.

    Respect and best regards,

    P.S. I ask you to take into account and apologize for the inconvenience possible for anyone because I think in Russian and do not speak English in a free literary-artistic degree. Therefore, I will try to explain simple verbal phrases (like this message) in English. I will expose the rest in Russian, leaving the accuracy of the translation on everyone’s conscience.

    P.S.S. My notes are not trading recommendations and I am not responsible for the risks of others and the possible loss of money when someone uses them.
  2. Nobert


    Privet Evgeniy ,

    - i am not sure, if that is allowed in this forum, or maybe im wrong & sorry if so.

    Have you decided already, which platform/broker you will use, for your trading ?
  3. Evgeniy


    - It is not prohibited. Terms and Rules.
    - NinjaTrader.
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  4. Evgeniy - добро пожаловать на борт!

    I like your goal statement; it's similar to why I keep a journal here, along with what I call "keeping myself honest" (memory is a liar, so writing things down as they happen helps with keeping it factual.) Re-reading it once in a while has proven quite valuable.

    As to language - you're not the only Russophone here, but since you want to learn from visitors to your journal, do consider that more people will be able to respond if you express your thoughts in English as much as possible. Competent traders are rare enough that making the extra effort to reduce friction would, in my opinion, be worth your while.
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  5. d08


    Best not to post much in Russian in that there are only a few Russian speakers here. Given that 99% here speak English relatively fluently, and maybe what, 0.05% speak Russian?
  6. Overnight


    Speaking Russian is entirely different from being able to read Russian. :) Just like many folks here can speak English, but can't read it to save their own skins.
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  7. Overnight


    The user called "Resto" here will be your Russian friend for life. Send him a PM about oscillators.
  8. Now, now. No teasing the new guy. Or trolling the nutcases for cheap entertainment.

    Resto is a pitiful crazy who happens to speak Russian and is obsessed by some kind of triangle theory. He fumes and sputters incoherently whenever someone expresses even the slightest doubt about it.

    (Reminds me of Terry Pratchett's "Foul Ole Ron", a Class A Mutterer and a member of the Beggars Guild who follows people and mutters until they give him money to go away. "Buggrit, millenium hand and shrimp... I'LL GIVE'EM THE END OF THE RAGMAN'S TRUMPET, SO I WILL!!!... I make 27 billion rubles, no wait, dollars every day with my aMaZIng TrIanGLe POWEr, and I laugh - yes, LAUGH - at all you fools!!!!!!!")
  9. Overnight


    Did you know the Russians invented both the original and remake of Battlestar Galactica? And the original musical score was all by Rachmaninoff.

  10. vanzandt


    One of the greatest composers ever btw.
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