my rimm synthetic call

Discussion in 'Options' started by cashmoney69, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. long 100 rimm at 98.02

    buy 1 nov 95 put
  2. I wish we all knew the future like you, then we can leverage the house and go short on our guaranteed predictions.
  3. ?. Thats why I bought the if it doesn't work.
  4. LOL was answering the other post not yours:

    "horrible trade. rimm will tank on earnings and you will have a huge synthetic loss."
  5. Synthetics? Buy the 100-call next time.
  6. Oh. I'm ignoring damnit, because all he does it talk shit, so I cant see any of his worthless posts. Total bliss :D
  7. spindr0


    Right or wrong, at least you had the courage to post your position. Just curious... Why did you do put protected stock instead of just buying the call? Why incur extra commissions?
  8. I think you mean the 95 call.
  9. Thanks. Spin, I'm bullish on the stock, but the reason I bought the put, is because IF the stock goes down, like it did today, then I make money from the stock falling. Basically, its like insurance. I made 135.00 on my put today, but lost 175 from being long. So you see from having the put..i dont lose as much money, as i would normally.

    side note... how did i make money on my put?..its still otm.
  10. faure


    Why not just buy a call?
    #10     Oct 2, 2007