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  1. Hi,

    I live in the Netherlands. I am daytrading on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, I do options on the EOE index. I do that during the day, that is 3am NY time which is 9am Amsterdam time, until about 9 am NY time, then I switch to the mini S&P until about 10pm my time or earlier when I made enough money for the day.

    It was a good day today !
  2. no one cares

    since you are new here and don't know

    we are ALL very wealthy traders here, everyone here pulls 10 k a day :eek: :p
  3. He Anti-Hurst, that is a negative reply.
    I do this only for myself, not to entertain you or other lurkers here.
    If you can show a consistent positive result, then you do a good job.

    Show us your trades !!!!!!!

    I want to do a good job so I am going to post my results here. And when I have a bad day then I hope to get response from other people here. That will help me I hope.
    I am adding yesterday's results.
  4. Hi Silver217, I am an American living in Ukraine.......I split my time between here and Las Vegas....where I am from. Time zone here is 1 hour ahead of you....I start trading ES at 4:30 pm-11:00 pm. Do you live in Amsterdam ? I have not had a chance yet to visit Amsterdam.......I am looking forward to doing it soon ! I have always thought it might be an interesting place to live and trade !
  5. Why are you in the Ukraine ? Do you work there ? I am not living in Amsterdam, but in a small town east, close to the German border. Come to the Netherlands, I'll be glad to be your Host, we can talk about trading while I show you the Tourist things here.
  6. I visited an American friend of mine here in Ukraine about 2 years ago.....He has a software company here......When I saw the women here it was incredible ! I come from a city [Las Vegas] that has a fair amount of beautiful women.....But this place....its beyond anything I had seen ! Just walking the streets in the city I am will see dozens of really beautiful women in the course of a typical day. Being single and being able to do my work [trading] anywhere I want I decided to stay here for 1-2 years and enjoy myself ! The only hard part was learning talk about a tough one ! I still have a long way to go with it....but I have no problem anymore getting around the city on my own these days. As for the trading, The time zone at first was a welcome Vegas trading day starts at 6:30am.....even worse for bonds and currencies....that puts a real dent in the nightly activities . I have to admit I got really carried away here for a long time and did not focus on my trading like I should have. It was hard to focus with all the distractions. I finally "woke up" here recently after seeing the "burn rate" on my savings account and am now focused back on my trading. Here trading day starts at 4:30 no worries about what time you go to bed....or get up in the morning. I have kind of settled on trading ES for now. I occasionally try some other markets like DAX, Euro and YEN. Do you trade fulltime ? How long have you been trading ? I definately will take you up on your offer to be "host" for my visit to your country ! I will also try to post some of my results on your thread as time permits.
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    Who knows, maybe you two could become more than just friends, if you know what I mean.