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    The moderator asked that I keep my promise to post the results from the powertradesignals website....... I copied them off the website for my first few trades. I'm not supposed to copy them....but oh-well, they don't know my first name anyway :)

    11/09/01 UPDATE


    We were stopped out of January Soybeans at 444^4 for a loss of $425.00.


    Australian Dollar - Long December from 50.77. Place protective stop at 50.80.
    Cocoa – Long December from 1011. Place protective stop at 1054.
    Live Cattle – Short December at 67.10. Place protective stop at 67.10.
    Sugar – Long March from 6.90. Place protective stop at 6.60

    Profitable so far...... I will keep you updated....
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    Yes, please do. Thanks.

    Couldn't find your thread no more, so I'm glad you're here again.
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    Below are his fills. I actually got a better fill on the Cotton trade and the Crude Oil than he did but he did better on the Wheat fill than I did. Crude was a home run for me so far..... Cotton and Coffee haven't worked out...... The crude order was to sell Jan Crude at 20.88 so you can see there was some huge slippage. I just feel better I got a better fill. Which brokers give the best fills? So far I'm up $5,000 in my first month. Hopefully it doesn't crap out like a lot of you stated it will in the near future here...... oh yeah- the cocoa order from the first post went for a $250 gain and the Live Cattle trade got stopped with a $1,300 profit fwiw


    We sold December Coffee on the open at 48.00 for a $187 profit.
    We bought March Coffee on the open at 51.50.
    *We sold the March Cotton order at 35.65.

    <b>OPEN POSITIONS:</b>

    Australian Dollar - Long December from 50.77. Place protective stop at 51.61.
    Sugar – Long March from 6.90. Place protective stop at 6.96.
    Yen – Short December from .8260. Place protective stop at .8250.
    Coffee – Long March from 51.50. Place protective stop at 47.40.
    Crude Oil – Short January from 20.20. Buy on open to close position.
    *Cotton – Short March at 35.65. Place protective stop at 37.45.
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    Here's the new orders..... so those of you interested can follow so you don't think I'm making this junk up. I will do this occasionally to help you monitor if this is crap or not....don't want to get busted since I signed a non-disclosure agreement about giving the signals away. Every day that they are not hit though-I notice the entry price changes for the next feel free to trade these-but know that the price will change and the stop will change based on profits, and I won't update the new prices daily or I might get caught hehe.......

    <b>NEW ORDERS:</b>

    Sell January Soybeans at 444^2 on a stop. Place protective stop at 453^2 if filled.
    Sell March Copper at 67.40 on a stop. Place protective stop at 70.30 if filled.
    Sell March Corn at 216^6. Place protective stop at 220^2 if filled.
    Buy January Crude Oil on the open to close out short position. **Cancel protective stop.
    Sell February Live Cattle at 67.80 on a stop. Place protective stop at 69.85 if filled.

    <b>FLAT MARKETS:</b>

    Live Cattle
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    powertradesignals results
    I closed November +$1586 while the service closed out $11,455 for the month. November 1st they closed 2 trades that they held from the beginning of October for almost $9,000. then on the 2nd they closed a Muni bond trade originated in October for $1900+. Unfortunately I wasn't in those.
    My fills are almost exact with theirs except in thin markets like the Australian dollar. I usually have a little more slippage than they do in those markets.
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    These are the markets I am in with them and the new orders.

    <b>TRADES FOR 12/07/01 UPDATE


    We went short March Corn at 216^4.
    We went short January Crude Oil at 18.38.
    We went long the March Australian Dollar at .5167.

    <b>OPEN POSITIONS:</b>

    Sugar – Long March from 6.90. Place protective stop at 7.35.
    Yen – Short December from .8260. Roll into March on the open.
    Soybeans – Long January from 444^6. Place protective stop at 434^0.
    Live Cattle – Short February from 69.50. Place protective stop at 71.40
    Australian Dollar – Long March from .5167. Place protective stop at .5108.
    Corn – Short March from 216^4. Place protective stop at 223^4.
    Crude Oil – Short from 18.38. Place protective stop at 20.52.

    <b>NEW ORDERS:</b>

    Buy March Cotton at 38.62 on a stop. Place protective stop at 36.38 if filled.
    Buy March Copper at 71.85 on a stop. Place protective stop at 69.10 if filled.
    Roll out of December Yen into March Yen on open. Place protective stop at .8184 basis March contract. Don’t forget to cancel the December protective stop.

    <b>FLAT MARKETS:</b>



    (These signals are those that occur in markets we already have positions in)
  7. newbie,

    Looks like you're off to a good start. You have a lot of discipline to take every trade.
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    Hi Newbie:

    I enjoyed reading about your progress with I was just curious how you have been doing the past month, and if you are able to match the impressive website results. Thanks for any info.
  9. Hi Newbie:

    It has been years since I traded futures.Way back when, I had to pick up the phone, talk to the sugar broker get the bid/ask/size and gave him a verbal to buy,etc. I used to pay $13.50 rt with Saul Stone Commodities. Fast forward 10 years later.. Has much changed?

    Is there a DOT equivalent or some other automated trading platform in futures now? or are you still interfacing with the phone clerk on the floor?

    How much are commissions nowadays if you are an active trader?

    I am asking these questions now in case equities dry up much like last summer. A lot of commodities heat up during that time so maybe a good trading vehicle later on this year? plus 60% profits are long term cap gains.

    Thanks and continued success.
  10. GATrader,

    Let me take a stab at your question. A lot has changed and a lot hasn't. There are three principal execution routes now, namely phone the floor or broker like before, e-trade systems that either kick out the order on the floor or to a pit broker's handheld unit and all electronic systems like globex. Commissions for all electronic brokers like IB are dirt cheap, $5/RT or so. Phone and part electronic brokers are about what they've always been. The same markets offer pretty good volatility fro daytrading, eg. stock indexes, currencies, bonds, eurodollars and energy complex. I don't trade the grains, meats, softs or metals, so I can't say what's going on there. My main problem is I have been spoiled by globex executions and now find it hard to pull the trigger on markets where I have to phone in the order, like energies.
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