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  1. epic767


    I wanted to see what all the fuss was about forex.

    So I opened 6 demo accounts. With 2000 dollar on each and using, 200:1 leverage on every one.

    My criteria was to only buy currency pairs that are volatile, and then I added together all positive price trend increases for 1 month (using 1 hour interval), and then I divided the sum of all pips made by the number of positive price trends, to get the average increase every time it increases, so I know when I should liquidate my position, before the price trend levels off and begin to decrease.

    The result:

    I lost all my money on 4 of the accounts.

    the remaining two accounts, one of the accounts currency pairs(aud/euro) increased from 0.622 to 0.625, before i liquidated, which is a 0.48% increase, but since i used 200 in leverage, it is a 96% increase.

    however, the profit I made when it had reached 10%(with leverage) is 200 dollar, which i then reinvested into it, and using 200:1 leverage on, so I bought yet again currency worth 400 0dollar. And on the next 10 percent increase I made it resulted in a 220 dollar profit.

    2000,2200,2420,2662,2928,3221,3543+3897+4714 and then 6% on 4714= 4996, however, I got 7852 because reinvested more frequently.

    The other one, was nzd/gbp and it increased from 0.393 to 0.398= 1.27% and with 200 leverage=254%, and by reinvesting I got 46360 dollar.


    4 loser, with 2000= 8000 losses, and one winners 7852+46360=54212

    Net profit= 54212-8000=46212

    Which is 461212/12000=3.851 And I’m quite happy getting that during 40 hours.

    No, idea, but I might just, have been lucky. However, I will try this with 10 000 dollar soon and see, because I don’t want to stay awake for 40 hours again, with just virtual money.

    However the strategy that I employed is not sustainable in the long run, since I exposed more than 2% of my money,and everyone know that a string of losses would wipe me out. However, I think this is a good way to get a good headstart, and as you increase your account value, you will expose yourself less.

    Another queston one should ask oneself, is if I would benefit from concentrating on one currency pair instead, and learn insideout, and thus make better predictions, and trade 1250 dollar, after one another, rather than trading everything at one time like I did. However, using just one pair, would decrease my asset effeciency ratio dramatically, and I think a lot of people cant comprehend the importance being efficient with your assets, and reduce the timecycle.

    If the time cycle takes half the time, your profit will be twice as much. Just something to think about =)
  2. hans37


    Where did you open demo accounts ?

    How long do they let you practice?

    thanks Hans
  3. tomcole


    Everyone makes a ton of money trading demo accounts. Its very different when its real money - just a thought.
  4. epic767

    epic767 Are they by the way a good place to open a real account with?

    No idea, Ive just been practising for 40 hours.
  5. epic767


    Why wouldnt the same results be achieveable on a real account?

    If I buy currencies for real live prices, with real life settings, why why why wouldnt it work =)
  6. mirtex


    Because you know, its real money and your entries and exit will be different only due to psychology issues.
  7. hans37


    I have no idea myself if they are "good" or not.

    Do BEWARE a demo account is really only going to teach you the mechanics of the trading interface, demo fills in real trading may or may not be available for wins but most assuredly would be for losses.

    But the real kicker is PSYCHOLOGY is completely different.
  8. epic767


    It doesnt, matter what my emotions or seventh sense say. I strictly follow the strategy plan Ive set up,without any exceptions.

    Its kinda basic, that you should never let your emotions do the strategy for you, but the logic.
  9. epic767

    epic767 has a fixed fill for every currency pair. USD/JPY for instance has a fixed fill of 4 pips for instance.
  10. hans37


    Yes but you said your accounts blew out 4/6 times in parallel.

    Could you still be that way on you 5th try with blowing out your account the previous 4 times in sequence in under 40 hrs?

    hmmm I think you expect too much of yourself.
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