My request to the US Goverment

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  1. Please prove to all the liberal clowns and conspiracy theorists and release all these video tapes that recorded the Pentagon impact.....

    (LOL)-- yeah.. like that will ever happen

    what was so important that they needed to seize all the video tapes so quickly?

    Again... USA... please prove me wrong by releasing the seized videos.... thanks
  2. You need to get up to speed here....

    Security video
    [edit] Pentagon security video
    In response to a FOIA request, the U.S. Department of Defense released security camera footage captured on September 11, 2001.

    [edit] Theory
    The video is inconclusive and doesn't show a Boeing 767.

    [edit] Fact
    ****The camera is the only one to have captured the impact of American Airlines Flight 77,**** albeit with rather poor quality due to the slow frames per second rate. Both Judicial Watch and submitted FOIA requests for the video.

    [edit] Gas station and hotel security footage
    Other security footage of interest to 9/11 conspiracy theorists include footage taken at a nearby Citgo gas station. It was confiscated by the FBI soon after the attacks, and withheld through the end of the Zacarias Moussaoui trial. ****In September 2006, the footage was finally released.**** Conspiracy theorists found it suspicious that the video was withheld for so long.

    [edit] Frames per second rate
    Many understood that the "frames per second" rate on the security cameras and recording devices would most likely have been much too slow and insufficient to cleary capture an aircraft passing by at 500+ miles per hour. Cameras are designed to catch robbery suspects or drive-off gas theives. The frames per second rate needed to accomplish this is much less than needed to capture an airplane travelling at that speed.

    [edit] Line of sight
    Doubts also surfaced, as to whether the Citgo had proper line of sight and whether or not the cameras were pointed towards the Pentagon at all.

    View of Citgo and Sheraton from Pentagon.
    More pictures and maps of the Pentagon area.[edit] Sheraton hotel video
    Conspiracy theorists also talked about security footage that was taken from a nearby hotel, believing that the hotel in question is the Sheraton. The Sheraton hotel is situated behind other buildings, which largely obstruct the line of sight between the hotel and the part of the Pentagon that was hit. As viewed from the Pentagon, the roof of the Sheraton is barely visible, peaking up from behind other buildings. Questions about the line of sight from the Sheraton are pointless anyway, as**** the Sheraton never had any security video on 9/11. ****

    [edit] Doubletree
    The Doubletree hotel, located across I-395 from the Pentagon in Crystal City, did have security cameras rolling on 9/11.

    Ok, so we've all seen the Pentagon video, and the Doubletree video was posted here a while back. Have you seen the Citgo video? Here....

    So what other videos are you referring to?

    Nice little animation on the Pentagon, includes some real video/pictures of plane parts. Also details the damage to generator, light poles, etc just outside the Pentagon.