My Red Robin experience

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by pma, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. pma


    So there I was at the Red Robin burger joint going to drop some coin for some banzia burgers. The server presents us what looks like a whopper. I dont know WTF is up with this thing,but the burger is wayyyy smaller than it used to be. Ill be dammed if im going to spend over $9 for some little POS buger.No more RR for me! So-my call is there trying to be cheap on the portions will be the death of them-rant off.
  2. karol88


    they are just trying to put you on a diet :D
  3. A $9 burger?! The sheeple can't afford such a luxury.

    Short RRGB / Long MCD

  4. Had a similar experience at RubyTuesdays where their 8 or 10 dollar hamburger came with a bun that looked like someone sat on it. Seems all buns suffer that fate. Nothing like a good kaiser roll.
  5. likely YOU are overweight and eating the wrong things too (a lot of meat?

    lot worse for someone your AGE than his.

    he'll OUTLIVE you!
  6. copa8


    Michellin mascot layed off and working for McD now?
  7. When he gets older he'll be able to occupy two airline seats for the price of one. His parents should be proud.